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Hydra was long an enemy of freedom and liberty throughout the world, with operatives and agents throughout the world. Spun off from Nazi forces during World War 2, Hydra was founded to further the goal of its mastermind General Johann Schimdt to achieve world domination and replace democracy as the primary way of world government. Though it was thought to have been disbanded with the death of Schmidt in 1945, it only went underground, establishing itself in what would be and was formerly the Soviet Union, infiltrating various societies and governments and carrying out and influencing many acts of terrorism and civil unrest.
The organisation's scientists perfected methods of cryogenic suspension and mental reprogramming, both of which produced the infamous Winter Soldier, Hydra's main weapon in assassinating individuals who posed a threat to their goals. They also orchestrated the training of undercover agents and spies in a facility known as the 'Red Room', and experimented with genetic augmentation and engineering to produce the 'perfect soldier', but ultimately failed in these efforts.
Hydra was finally made defunct in 2014, when all of its files were dumped unencrypted onto the internet, many high ranking operatives were found dead at its headquarters compound in the Russian Far East, and many other operatives either committed suicide en masse or disappeared under suspicious circumstances. The exact circumstances of Hydra's fall are still uncertain, but it is believed there is no chance of it reforming or resurfacing as all surviving operatives are now held in maximum security prisons, having been tracked down by their files.
In 2015, a small cell of Hydra operatives were discovered in Canada to still be carrying out genetic augmentation experiments. The cell was destroyed through the combined efforts of SHIELD, STRIKE and private individuals.

(Incomplete) List of Known Hydra Activity

  • Operation: Winter Soldier
  • Operation: Red Room
  • Operation: Emancipation (1963)
  • Operation: Weapon X (1965-2015)
Illicit, Terrorist group
Training Level
Hydra Operative


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