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Exiled from The Creadores' protection and often sentenced to death, the Cismadores are a collection of blasphemers, heretics and apostates who have managed to eke out a living in the wastes. Centralized in the decommissioned oil platform-turned-city Sandy Terminal, the Cismadores are protected by the thief god, Virtuoso, and act on his behalf.   Though not nearly as outwardly destructive as the various raider bands in the wastes, the Cismadores have been classified as extremely dangerous by the Creadores, thanks to their leader, origins, and goal.


The head of the Cismadores is called the Maestro. The maestro's primary duty is the protection of the city and its denizens. He lays down wards to impede the Phyte and bolster's the city's defenses with his own formidable power. The maestro technically rules the city, though in practice he happily delegates the duties to his subordinates. The maestro of Sandy Terminal is Virtuoso, the thief god.   Below the Maestro are his two lieutenants, the Conduttores. The conduttores, individually named the Impresario and the Ripetere, are responsible for running the city and its people. The current Impresario is the Atauma, Eight, and the current Ripetere is The Buckeye Brute.   The Impresario is the de facto mayor of Sandy Terminal; he's responsible for organizing and maintaining the city and its infrastructure. He heads the councils and organizations which handle everything from building to sanitation.   Below the Impresario are the conservatores, individuals who direct the various city councils in the impresario's absence.   The Ripetere could be comparable to a field commander. He leads, organizes, and directs the various teams sent out into the wastes for scouting, reclamation, and raids. In addition, he manages the city's armory, making sure that there are enough arms for each citizen in the event of an attack.   Below the Repetere are the Sostituto, captains of their individual teams. They command their teams while on assignments, and are tasked with bringing their teams back alive and the success of the mission, in that order.

Public Agenda

The drive behind the cismadores seems to be philanthropic, they regularly rescue those who would die at the hand of the Creadores and their agents, they regularly conduct strikes on raider outposts disrupting their plans at every opportunity, and they provide a home and purpose to those who may have lost the will to go on in a bleak world.   For the most part, this is what the cismadores fight for. They want to help those who, like themselves and their world, have been abandoned by their caretakers. For the most part, the death sentence was handed down not for any real infraction, but for questioning the Creadores and their judgement.   Abandoned by the only gods they knew, many were overcome with despair, which they surely would have succumb to it were it not for the emergence of the thief god. Virtuoso was able to galvanize and band them together, once again under the banner of divinity. A god was once again on their side, and their devotion would not be shaken again.   So they fight, they fight the raiders. They fight the wastes. They fight the caustic fog that threatens them. And they fight the Creadores themselves. They fight without fear, and they fight without reservation, because after losing your life once, the thought of losing it again doesn't hold that much gravitas.


The cismadores hold dominion over the abandoned drilling platform Sandy Terminal, which has been transformed with the help of Virtuoso's power, into a towering city. In addition, they converted an old lighthouse that sat on a cliff overlooking the platform into the Shining Dawn fortress.

Demography and Population

As a group of exiles, the demograpics of the Cismadores are multifarious. Peoples of all races and walks of life pledge their loyalty to Virtuoso in exchange for safety and a stable place to lay their head. Bakdreskr, Suevira, and Espuna live together in relative harmony, united by their singular goal.
Illicit, Rebel
Training Level
Government System
Economic System
Controlled Territories

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