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Cultivo is a world on the brink of ruin. A mysterious caustic fog billows across the landscape, hungrily devouring any and all who touch it. The gods themselves have descended, assuming physical forms in order to fight the deadly miasma. With a sigh of relief, the last vestiges of life retreated to the relative safety of the gods' embrace; a country ruled by a Conclave of the incarnate deities, New Getor.   More than a thousand years later, the country has stagnated, and unrest is everywhere. Those unfortunate enough to live outside the god's sanctuary atop Skycut Mesa find that most of life is simply the struggle to stay alive. Wreckers, raiders, and bandits roam the wastes, wreaking havoc where they may. Strife between the Conclave and the the historically warmongering atheists, the Bakdreskr, is a ticking bomb. The disappearance of one god has caused the miasma to creep ever closer, and the gods themselves, once a typical sight as they flew here and there to fight and shore up against the fog, seldom leave the safety of their capital city anymore.