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The Cult of the Black Sun

"Unnatural smiles, white robes with a visage of Black Sun and empty eyes are some of the easiest to spot signs you are dealing with someone from The Cult.
Sadly, it's rarely easy.
Don't help them, they are clever creatures trying to win you over in every possible way.
Don't trust them, they are like a parasite trying to sneak into your settlement, only to leave it drained of its inhabitants.
  When you see the high priests show up, and no one bats an eye, just run.
Run, like I did, kid.
It's sad to be the only one left from my station, but at least I lived.
I am not their pawn."


The Cult of Black Sun has many high priests who work independently from each other.
Even though they never contact with each other, their actions seem to be really coordinated.
No one knows if there is any head of the cult.
  Beneath the high priests, there are mouthpieces and recruiters of the cult.
Their task is to get new members of the cult by any means necessary: drugging, kidnapping, finding people in their lowest points of life or usage of artifacts that can bend minds to their will.

Public Agenda

To reach the paradise by summoning the Black Sun, so people of The Pit can go out on the surface again and be free.


  • Hundreds of members in every habitable parts of The Pit.
  • Soldiers, rulers, politicians, priests and common folk and their resources.
  • Hidden temple of the Black Sun somewhere in the lower parts of The Pit.


The Cult showed up one day with no known reason.
Was it work of ancient artifact? Some unknown entity? The unearthing of an ancient piece of knowledge? No one knows.
However, in the beginning, they started to grow really fast.
Like an infection, the Shiners moved from one settlement to another, leaving some of them completely abandoned. Then, it slowed down. A big number of the cultists living in the hiding disappeared out of their houses. Now you can only meet singular recruiters going from town to town and high priests making speeches in the ones that are almost lost.

The Sun will shine on us again.

Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
The Cult, Shiners
Cultists, Shiners
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