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The Brass Bears

Everybody's seen one of the Bears, hanging out in some dark alley watching the honest folk go by. Once saw them sidle up all friendly like to the butcher's son. Fine lad he was. But by the end of that summer he was as broken a man as you've ever seen. It's the Hush. Once they got you on the stuff you'll not escape its pull. And it don't come cheap, neither — at least, not after the first sample.
  The Brass Bears manufacture and distribute drugs. Primarily they sell Hush, but have ventured into medical goods of dubious quality. Fiercely territorial, they will not tolerate competition in the towns that they operate. Their supply is of unclear origin, but the vast areas of forest likely offer them cover for farming and refinement of their products, and ultimately much of their supply lines to town.   They know who to keep onside in the law through bribes, a network of informants that provides information for blackmail, or plain threat of violence. Anyone they can't get onside who looks to be making trouble can find life has become suddenly very difficult, or very short.   Lower ranks in the organisation are often recruited from those left out of pocket and desperate to make ends meet, but must show charisma enough to sell their products. The mid level ranks (claw and above) are wealthy enough from the organisation that it provides a strong draw to work for them as a promise of better things. However, only a select few make it that comfortable rank, often being expendable when their actions threaten to compromise operations, or if they fall prey to their own product.


  • alpha
    leads the organisation
  • fang
    regional leader
  • claw
    leads the group within a town or city
  • ear
    a watcher and spy who keeps watch for the movements of local law enforcement and civilians who might report their operations
  • cub
    lowly street drug seller

Public Agenda

Make money, and earn the respect (or more likely fear) of any who would dare cross them.

loyalty and blood

Illicit, Syndicate

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