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The Illusionists

A notorious group of assassins, the Illusionists are swords-for-hire. With a solid foundation all across Mastu, it is no wonder they haven't been uprooted. While some fanatics claim this organization has been around since the first border skirmishes, this is simply not true. It is actually relatively new, dating back to around 37 AG., not even 4 decades after the founding of the City of Grace. This is most likely because the entrepreneurial mercenary Drefta, who was the original head of the organization, saw the potential power that an all-inclusive faction could hold, and followed the city's example. While only those who were skilled were admitted into the Illusionists, it's actually quite diverse. It was the first of its kind to let any gender or race into its community, and for that it drew members from all walks of life. From the rich to the poor, anyone could be found here.  
The organization, despite its name, has very few magic users. They prefer the more 'honorable' methods of killing, and consider those who rely on magic lower than themselves. However, they do realize that some jobs take a mage, so they are always certain to include one among their ranks.
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Drefta Halfworth

The first leader of the Illusionists, Drefta was born into a life of poverty and crime. Her long dead parents started training her in common survival skills at the young age of 3, but at age 6 they focused more on the art of killing. While they themselves were killed in a mugging incident, Ms. Halfworth had already learned much, and from then on made a living using her new talents. At age 28, she founded the Illusionists, slipping ads into shady pubs and taverns. The influx of members, however, didn't happen until two years later, when she recruited a very charismatic and sociable individual.  

Salína and Víra Sambat

Twins and the first to dual-lead the Illusionists, the Sambats were inexplicably linked. Some believed them to have physic powers, able to communicate with themselves telepathically due to some odd magic cast upon their mother when she was pregnant. The years they ruled were quite successful ones, but their leadership came to a sudden end when Salína was killed on the job. Víra died as well, presumably from grief, and another leader was elected.

Current Members


Number of Past Leaders


Current Leader

Hashan Ví, 48, Slizzarí

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