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The Pirate's Coven

The closest thing the Ancient Seas has to a Thieve's Guild is the Pirate Coven: an organization of Sea Monster worshipping rapscallions who refuse to be confined by any law or structure outside of their own.


The coven is led by thirteen Monarchs, or Priestesses, each of which is loyal to the convictions of an infamous Sea Monster. Each Monarch has their own ship and crew, as well as members stationed all over the Ancient Seas. The absolute leader is High Priestess Mondolov, worshipper of the Elder Hag, and who wants to see her return to wreck havoc on the structured societies that have blossomed in her absence.

Public Agenda

The Pirate Coven makes it pretty clear that they idolize Sea Monsters and the chaos they brought with them during their golden days. While they have many channels and are capable of high security infiltration and keeping out of the view of governing bodies, many of their members have a habit of making themselves known. They are much more reckless than your typical Thieve's Guild and will compromise important plans if they feel that their honour or devotion to their Sea Monster "patrons" are being desecrated (a decision that no one in the Coven would frown upon). Think of them as kind of like Team Skull but like mixed with an overly preachy religious group.     Typically, they infiltrate a city and work to remind it of the chaos that their particular "patron" would wreck. This could mean flooding a city that had bested Nagiis the Water Elemental, or hypnotizing a government that ordered the assassination of Ethri the Mind Wanderer. They'll also raid and sink ships, especially those with any sort of governmental emblem, and if they see a Sea Monster being fought, they will help it out (even though the Sea Monsters are likely to kill them as well).


Each branch of the Coven has a decent amount of sea beasts under their control, as well as plenty of ships and crew.
Guild, Thieves

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