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The Web

The Web’s organisation is close-knit and loyalty is promoted strongly. Each member has a team they work with directly, someone they report to directly, and a back up contact, just in case. The Web is run by an enigmatic, calm and calculating figure known only as The Dahlia. A woman judging by her figure, as her face is covered by a magical black mask that only she can remove. Dahlia’s goals are to amass wealth and power, but she also seems concerned by protecting the interests by a local Baroness, Dionna Vivaldi.   The Dahlia is a Rogue (11th Level Human Mastermind Rogue), and she operates out of the Butterfly Garden seamstress shop during the day and Miss Vivian's Finishing School at night. The Web is respected and feared throughout the realm, known for honoring it's end of any bargain and swiftly striking out against its enemies.   Dahlia’s second in command is Marcus ‘Hands’ Carruthers, (9th Level Human Barbarian), with a penchant for strangling the life out of anyone that poses a threat to Dahlia’s plans (or sometimes just gets in his way). Marcus has a strong desire for Dahlia, but she doesn’t return his feelings, and instead makes use of him. It is proving difficult to keep him on a short leash.   The Web's membership is close to 30% women, as the Dahlia has been recruiting from the Finishing School where she offers her "girls" lives far more extraordinary than is average for the realm.   The Dahlia is really Annette Mosser, a former handmaiden and trusted friend of the Baroness since their youth. Several years ago, the Web was involved in plot to assassinate Vivaldi and she caught wind of it. She hired several adventurers to deal with the plot and in the aftermath, convinced Annette to fake her own death and take over the Web as the Dahlia. The Baroness knew that Annette was loyal, charming, and smart and trusted her to shape the guild into a tool that could benefit them both.   In the years since, Mosser has blossomed into an effective and efficient leader who has even won the respect of veteran thieves who survived her takeover.   The Dahlia is very careful in guarding her identity and has groomed several Finish School students to act as body doubles.   She is decisive and loyal, something that was originally foreign to many of the guild members, but a quality they have grown to appreciate. Mosser is realistic, however, and always has several contingency plans in place in case her agents opt for a "better offer".   Mosser was a devout worshiper of Pelor for many years, but after so much exposure to the darker side of life, has little respect for the Gods.   She is secretly in love with the Baroness, but is painfully aware that Vivaldi doesn't feel the same way. At this point in her life, she has not allowed herself any romantic entanglements, due to the dangers of her position.   She hates that even her parents believe she has died and her one weakness is keeping tabs upon them by taking several unnecessary trips to around their home in the city several times a month.

‘Every movement, every decision, plucks at the strings of the web’

Guild, Thieves

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