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Sect of Nuada

A branch of the Church of Nuada that have been exiled, fueled by anger and a thirst to appraise their god these crazed murderers travel the land is search of the weak. When these lunatics find the weak they slay them without hesitation in order to strengthen the world that is rightfully their God's, Nuada.


Hand of Nuada, Blades of Nuada, Cleansers, Fresh Eyes, New Turned.

Public Agenda

The goal of the Sect of Nuada is to cleanse the world, and with the blood of the weak the world can be fertilized and made stronger. They have had controlled over settlements in the past but each time it appeared that they gained power they have been squashed, this results in the cult being a very secretive and underground organization.


They own very few open buildings, but there are underground groups in most major cities, and wandering bands of these cultists are common. They are also heavily supplied with a verity of weapons and armor which they got from towns they have plundered and caravans they have raided. They do not have any known boats or ships but it is possible that they could have undercover initiates who have control over such assets.


Began at the same time as the Church of Nuada, but they soon grew to contempt against their brothers in worship. At this they attempted to usurp the Church of Nuada and failed, after this failed attempt they were temporarily scattered. Once they regrouped they began attempting big takeovers of towns and cities to gain more power and become a sudo empire. But the church of Nuada would not stand for the sulling of their god so they swore an oath to eradicate all of the sect. After this the sect became a very secretive and underground organization.

To cleanse this world is to appease the one true God.

Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Cult of Nuada
Dark Vassals
Parent Organization

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