The Wishbound

"They move like cats," Koijea explained. "Real quiet and deliberate and smooth. When they're all together like that, it can get really dangerous. Especially with this guy." He pointed to the man on the screen, dark-haired, tall and lanky. "He's the leader. You get him in any group and you know they're going after something expensive and dangerous."


Authority Positions

The Crown is the leader of the Wishbound, currently occupied by Prow Delune. He has the last decision on everything that happens inside the Wishbound, from what they steal down to which food they buy. He's often involved in the planning of many if not all of the heists the Wishbound coordinate. Occasionally he will take part in one, but only the ones where he's needed the most; otherwise he works alone.
The Commanders are two people who work closely with the Crown. They act as his advisers and help him keep order among the Wishbound.
The Captains are a group of people who work under the commanders. Captains are in charge of groups of members. The number of captains fluctuates based on the number of current members; about one captain for every ten members, separated by groups.

Support Positions

Merchants are those trusted to be given items to sell on the black market. More trusted merchants might be sent in to buy certain items as well.
Healers are medically nuanced people who are able to treat others. There is a varying amount of medical education within healers, anywhere from basic first aid to a skilled surgeon.
Cooks are those who are in charge of buying or stealing food, keeping the kitchen stocked, cooking the food, and making sure everyone has food.  

Active Positions

Shadows are members who steal items deemed worth it. They're usually athletic, agile, and precise, and most of them are slender and short due to being able to slip into smaller spaces. They're expected to be able to memorize building layouts and whatever strategy is being implemented for the job. Most of them are skilled at planning a job or heist on their own.
Ears are members who specialize in gathering information up close. They're usually very charming and able to talk their way into and out of any situation and are good actors capable of blending in. Their duties include conning when needed, keeping contact and loyalty in informants, talking information out of people, and spreading rumors.
Eyes are members who specialize in gathering information from afar. Their duties include staking out targets, following targets, spotting strange happenings, and memorizing layouts to buildings and the city.
Hands are members who rough people up, act as bodyguards, and specialize in fighting.

Public Agenda

The Wishbound are a group of thieves who focus on expensive artifacts and objects, most of which are turned around and sold on the black market. They've been known for also stealing powerful items such as Zwen and storing them away in secret, though no one is sure what for. The Wishbound also take in those with abusive or absent families and will protect, feed, and house them as long as they're willing to work for the Wishbound. Some people see this as a "take from the rich give to the poor" situation, but often they are viewed in a negative light.


Prow Delune was a notorious thief for many years before he found small groups of teenagers and kids surviving out on the street. He began teaching them to steal in order to take care of themselves. This soon turned into large amounts of people feeling loyal to Prow, and the Wishbound was created after he used a large sum of money to buy up property in order to house those who were helping him. The Wishbound grew slowly and quietly until Prow stole a Zwen that had no wielder. News spread rapidly among the underground that Prow was the one who'd stolen it, and this got the Wishbound much more attention and many more members.
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