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The Dark Triumvirate

The Dark Triumvirate is without doubt the most powerful and insidious organisation of the face of Errilor, and yet most citizens of this world would claim ignorance of it's existence. Despite it's reach, the triumvirate prefers to interact directly with only a very few individuals providing suggestions, useful information and occasionally threats to the heads of organisations around the globe. They shape the world from the shadows to the indifference of the many and the loathing of the few.   As it's name would suggest, the triumvirate is split into 3 distinct groups, each with their own methods and motives, but held in check by their leaders towards a common goal.   The smallest of these groups, lead by a figure known as the spider, excels in harvesting information from the whispers of the corridors of power and the gossip of the market stalls. Listening to whispers, suggestions, hints and hearsay, they piece together stories and facts that some wish would remain unknown. Once these secrets are found out, a well placed accusation, a skilled burglary team or even a well armed militia can send ivory towers toppling or solidify a weak claim to power.   The Lycanthile clans were founded by Bjor Blackpaw, the first lycanthrope, who some say still rules the clans after 400 years. Unlike many lycanhropes, they embrace their differences and utilise them for maximum effect. Rat-men scurry in the shadows, were-boars break down doors in the middle of the night, and unwary travellers are stalked by uncannily astute wolves through dark forests.   Finally, even those who have dedicated their lives to the unveiling the shrouds of the triumvirate struggle to piece together facts surrounding the enigmatic third piece of this organisation. Those who have dealt with this group have only ever interacted with an individual known as Typhyra, a beautiful human female, and some speculate that she is the only member of this most secretive so-called 'Cabal of Typhyra'. Whatever their size, this section of the organisation wields great power and some say that it is the Cabal which holds sway over the other factions.
Illicit, Syndicate

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