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The Silver Eye

"There in Aurifield, the Eye had some... setbacks," said the tavern keeper, "and for that reason some think it's dead. (...) Bullshit. The Eye is wide open, Mr. Sellard, and sees very, very well."
— excerpt from Eye of Glass


The Silver Eye uses the figure of the eye as a metaphor for its members' roles, as seen below:  

The Pupil

The inner circle of the Eye, the Pupil includes only the most powerful members. They are the only ones who know the true extension of the organization and its total numbers. It is said that the Pupil has no more than ten members, and together they decide the future of the Eye and its large scale actions.  

The Iris

The Iris is still not a very large group, but has many times the number of members of the Pupil. The Iris controls actions in smaller areas, and are part of the decentralization of the Eye's power.  

The White

The White contains the majority of the Silver Eye's fix members and the less powerful ones. They act directly in society and may have varied professions such as soldiers, merchants, assassins, craftsmen, clerics, thieves, mages or even housewives.  

The Lashes

The Lashes are not yet permanent members of the Eye, but wish to be. While they still can't do important missions in which a failure would imply in a bad consequence for the organization, they are useful for raw work or, in some cases, missions with a high risk of death.  

The Lids

The lids are local members which paper is to cover the organization's acts and ensure that the Eye authorship will be hidden (or shown, depending on the Pupil's wishes). They many times have a leadership role in society, such as politics, minor nobles and military chiefs.

Public Agenda

The Silver Eye does not have a permanent objective besides continue existing and increasing it's influence across the world. The other goals of the organization are mostly based in what the Pupil wants in that given moment and can be various, from simply getting richer to manipulating the politics of a kingdom.   To reach its goals, the Silver Eye has no scruples, and while they do "good" at one place (increasing the local infrastructure, for example), they can be stealing and assassinating in some other (or even the same) location.   Members of lower ranks tend to join the Eye in search of richness or to escape from any crimes they may have committed, and it's said that the organization usually gives them what they wish if they can prove their valor.


The Silver Eyes assets include, for short, all the member's gold and material goods.   No one except the Pupil members knows exactly the extent of these goods, but it's certain that they controlled at least two castles and a fortified city in the time of Aurifield's fall, whether their residents knew it or not.

"More valuable than copper, less honorable than gold."

Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
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Constance Watson
9 Jul, 2018 04:06

I love the detail given with the different ranks, and using each part of the eye for those was genius. One thing I'm curious about is how this organization is perceived by those outside? What has law enforcement done to stop them? Are local folks afraid of them? Do children aspire to join them because they somehow romanticize being a part of a criminal organization? Some of these things could fit nicely in the side bar to sort of even the article out a bit.   Well done! :)

Johann Duarte
9 Jul, 2018 12:08

Wow! How many good ideas. As I said in another comment, I'm new to World Anvil and was caught by surprise by Summer Challenge. In order to complete it, I can't go too deep for now. However, these guys are very important in my world and I will write much more about them.   Thanks for the comment!

Constance Watson
9 Jul, 2018 15:50

You're welcome! I'm rather new myself and have already learned a ton from the best of the best on here. This is a great place to get constructive feedback and support. Glad to have you! Keep up the good work :)

9 Jul, 2018 04:39

Very nice article, and I can certainly see the potential in such an organization...but it leaves me wanting to know more and seeking answers to questions generated from the article. I would certainly build upon this article as time goes on...and please don't take this as me disliking the article, I really do like it! I just think there's a lot of potential there still left unexplored, so have at it!

Johann Duarte
9 Jul, 2018 12:05

Hi! Thanks for the comment. I am really new to WorldAnvil, entering basically when the SummerChallenge started, so to get rid of a just abstract idea I put it here, but I'm not going too deep for now. However I have great plans for them and this will surely be updated after the challenge ends.

Laughing Prophet
9 Jul, 2018 05:02

It does interest me a bit that instead of going for an objectively 'Secret Criminal Syndicate' layout you've marked it as a bit more of a Combat/Mercenary guild. Also, it is very nice that you've managed to fit the entirety of the structure into the 'part of the eye' metaphor so well.   I did briefly consider the idea that 'The White' could have gone by its specific name of 'Sclera', but then considered that the specific name involved there really isn't something that comes to mind for most people and it would be a much easier connection as-is.

Johann Duarte
9 Jul, 2018 12:13

I don't know if, where you live, "sclera" is a popular word, but where I live it's very very uncommon to hear it. It's usually said "the white of the eye".   I also find this metaphor very cool, that's one of the factors that led me to bring this guys from my DnD world to my "literary" setting.