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Just like our Earth, Erde has animals, plants and people. Some of them may look familiar to us; some of them may look a bit weird; and the rest is definitely something from outer space.   The same is valid to the landscapes: there are forests, deserts, prairies and mountains, just like our own world; however, floating lands and strange formations can also be seen here and there.   Some people and creatures can use magic, that is no more than nature itself expressed in a different way, and its use has brought many consequences, be them good or bad.   Many religions talk about "the bringers", powerful beings that brought people and taught them a multitude of things. While some say they are just myths, others think that they might exist, but not in that way. Maybe they are more -- or less -- than what anyone can imagine, and are surely a mystery.   And in this world that at the same time is familiar and new, many stories unroll. Stories about the great and about the small; about war and about love; about selfishness and about sacrifice.   Stories about people.