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The Nightfog

The Nightfog is a old Theives Guild order founded during the Planar War. It's original purpose was to provide intelligence the Elemental Cults and their troop movement, and also smuggle or destroy weapon cashes. In 217 AS, it ceased all contact with those outside the organization and turned towards darker goals of assassination and theft.


The current leadership of the Nightfog is unknown, outsiders are often told they are ruled by 'shadows and smoke'. Mouths speak for what ever leadership exists and act as a go between for perspective clients.   Fog Eyes act as scouts and spies, staking out potential sites for robbery and keeping tabs on what ever hide out they group chooses.   Standard members are referred to simply as Thieves.

Public Agenda

They are known to buy and sell high price 'miss placed' artwork, carry out 'removals', and provide shelter to and smuggle well paying clients out of trouble.


The true level of assets the Nightfog controls is hard to gauge, due to the fact they can potentially amass tremendous wealth by selling the artifacts they have 'acquired' through the years if need be.


During the Planar War, a small sect of the Thieves Guild of Koria felt it was their duty to put aside petty crimes and focus on helping the effort to fight the Elementals. They put this notion to the leaders of the Guild, who quickly brushed the idea aside, causing the members to leave the guild and form their own secret order.   Their goal was simple: Use their knowledge of the social underworld to help secure materials for the various armies fighting the invading Archomentals, and take out high priority targets that were protected within the ranks of the demonic armies the Archomentals had summoned in as shock troops to bolster their ranks.
Guild, Assassins
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