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The Underlanders

"It's not just size that counts in an army, but skill. It's not strength that counts, but cunning."
— Ludwig paraphrasing Cao Cao in his chieftain speech.


Several villain teams each headed by a powerful splendoro.
Team sizes can range from just two, to hundreds of members.
Villain teams are free to cause chaos in the city but are expected to hold to a gentleman's agreement not to do so in the Underland.
The leaders then vie for temporary Underland chief postings.
The Underland chief is responsible for diplomatic affairs between teams and occasionally the surface.
Ludwig became chief due to his success in obtaining Phoebe's Heart.

Public Agenda

To partake in chaos and mayhem for the sake of balance.
Despite the ominous motto used, the underlanders claim they are inspired by Cao Cao, who was portrayed as a wicked vizier in all retellings of the Three Kingdoms to date.
In order to achieve this, they lash out at whoever on the surface engages in classism, which they believe is the root of evil.
Ironically, they salvage the plundered wealth to be used in their own version of splendor.


Most of the wealth from this organization comes from plundered goods.
They own a casino, training complexes, and housing for members.
As the cave complex is close to lava, the underlanders engineered a way to use its heat for electrical power through magma turbines.


The underlanders were people who were quite literally forced to live underground in Luoyang's abandoned mines due to social circumstances during the early 20th century.
One previous attempt to unite them prior to the splendoro creation ended in failure as the underground citizens thought the visionaries weren't strong enough.
Due to Phoebe's activity as a hero, the group temporarily went inactive until her death, then resumed activity as an unofficial gang.
In 2011, the Underlands received a sudden influx of disaffected young splendoro who thought they couldn't make a difference as heroes.
When Ops Heartrending ended in overwhelming victory for the Underland, the group became stronger still and publicly announced their intention to overthrow the old classist order.
As of 2014, they have bullied and robbed citizens of Luoyang especially since heroes are no longer active enough to protect the city.

Demography and Population

Similar to New Luoyang, but mostly made up of people with a bone to pick with the social order.


The group currently holds the abandoned mines and caves under New Luoyang as their main territory.


They have an overwhelming number of young splendoro raring to go to battle.

Technological Level

Similar to the surface Luoyang, but the underlanders have advanced in mining and underground survival due to their situation.


They are mainly atheist, or only casually believe in the traditional folkloric religion.

Foreign Relations

They currently are harassing New Luoyang by sending criminal lords to fight for territory.

乱世奸雄 (Luanshi jiaoxiong / The chaotic heroes)

Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names
Diyu Dwellers
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Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
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