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The Cult of Mab

The Mad Whispers spread the lies of Queen Mab, influencing those in power to create the most chaos for her enjoyment. Little is know publicly about this shadow network of spies; even the names of it's members are not known except to those within. It is rumored that if they find you worthy, they will approach you, to take you into their fold, and send you to wherever they need. Spreading lies throughout Zahkeerum, they have even been rumored to exist in small numbers among the various empires of Sephera.


The High Priest of Mab relays the divine will of Mab to the nine Bishops. The Bishops relay this information to their respective Archons. The Archons then task their Acolytes with whatever task has been asked to be completed.

Public Agenda

To collect secret information of high ranking officials, to twist this information, and feed the lies to whoever will cause the most chaos.


The have amassed quite a bit of wealth and disguises to help them infiltrate the courts of mages and the inner circles of the guild leaders. A few safe houses for when things go awry, a handful of ships, several carriages, and false records of identities for every member.


It is rumored that the cause of the discontent among the mages, that lead to the Mage Shift, was the work of the Mad Whispers. Since the division of the Mage's College and the enforcement of the Guild Law, Mab has found the paranoid leaders much easier to manipulate and influence with her lies. The Mad Whispers have set themselves quite close to those in power; spreading rumors of war, uprising and unrest among the commoners, guild wars among the various factions, and whispers of invasion from the surrounding countries.


Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
The Mad Whispers

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