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Bluethorn is one of the most infamous criminal networks in Aressa. First founded in 1003 as a "thieves' guild" in Winhope, the organization has been destroyed and re-created several times, as new groups tap into the name's legacy. In centuries past, Bluethorn has been a group of highway robbers, an assassin-for-hire, and even a fraudulent artist. Today, the name stands for a group of smugglers between the Feuding Kingdoms, bringing banned artwork to Axmund and illicit gadgets and tools to Arcadia. Their headquarters is in Adholis, but they have safehouses and local bases in many cities and towns, especially port towns. Warehouses belonging to Bluethorn have been found in Esedinas and Hesia, and they are not believed to be the only ones. For this reason, Bluethorn is believed to operate primarily by sea, bringing their goods to the coast before shipping them to Adholis, where they can be directed to their final destination.   Bluethorn's notoriety comes from their association with both of the Feuding Kingdoms. It is rumored that nobility in both kingdoms are in constant contact with Bluethorn and can request specific goods, though of course all have fervently denied it - it would be practically a death sentence to be exposed interacting with agents of the enemy. Bluethorn's contracts with nobility are often short-lived due to the constant fear of discovery.


The leader of Bluethorn is unknown, though he or she is referred to as "Top Thorn" by subordinates. His or her location is also not known, but is most likely in Adholis. The Top Thorn has a number of direct subordinates who coordinate activities in general geographic areas, and each of these has their own varied management style. However, all of them tend to select lieutenants who direct a smaller number of agents, though the specifics vary widely, from one lieutenant who commands all of the agents and appoints his own lieutenants to many lieutenants who command only five or six agents and work with their team in the field.
Illicit, Syndicate

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