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Hesia is among the greatest of the eastern merchant cities, holding much of the southeastern coast under its sway. It thrives on trade, and the harbors, while expansive, are often nearly filled nonetheless. Even Adholian free traders can find port in Hesia, so long as they avoid attention. Beyond its ports, the city is also home to the Academy of Ampisa, the greatest school of magic and history in the Kingdom of Arcadia.


Approx. 78% elven, 17% human, 5% other


Before the Heoringan Invasion, Hesia was a minor power, overlooked in the struggles of the greater cities. When the other merchant cities were sacked by the invaders, Hesia found itself the strongest free power, and immediately began to strengthen itself. By the time the invaders were defeated, Hesia's only true rival was Kefalaio to the north, a rivalry that still continues among the nobles of the cities to this day.

Approx. 21,000

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