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Kingdom of Arcadia

The great kingdom of Arcadia stretches from To Synoro in the west to the eastern coast of Aressa. Most of the population is elven, though a large number of humans live near the edge of the Moremoss Fen and beyond the River Mend.


Prior to the Heoringan Invasion of five centuries ago, the human tribes and elven city-states of eastern Aressa were disunited and in chaos. As the invasion swept southwards towards the Iron Mountains, the scattered tribes offered truce to the cities until this new threat was defeated. The coalition that formed held the Heoringan invaders at bay until revolts among the city-states they had already conquered opened an opportunity, and the invaders were soon overwhelmed and forced northwards.   It had been agreed that once the invaders were defeated, the coalition would be disbanded. However, when news of Rinburn I's seizure of power was heard, hundreds of would-be kings sprung up, all eager to claim the kingship of the east. The brutal Arcadian War of Kingship soon began, a war which none expected to resolve until the Heoringas returned to conquer. But, against all odds, the elven ruler of Kefalaio, Cagaetos the Red, defeated his rivals and claimed the kingship in a mere four years.   Cagaetos at first wished for peace with Axmund, and during the reign of Rinburn I the kingdoms were indeed at peace. When he died, however, his son Terfin Sudsigoriend took the throne, and within only a few years began to conquer the few independent lands in the west. His expansionism worried Cagaetos, but even so, an uneasy peace remained until 969, when Terfin II sent messengers to Arcadia asking to marry Cagaetos' daughter Damaia to secure their alliance. Cagaetos believed this was a mere front to allow Axmund to absorb Arcadia, and rudely refused. Soon afterwards, raiding parties from Axmund began to move through To Synoro (at that time not yet part of Arcadia) and cross the River Mend, pillaging farms and villages along Arcadia's western border. Cagaetos led his army to crush the raiders, and conquered To Synoro as a borderland against the growing Kingdom of Axmund. From this time onward, skirmishes never fully ceased between the Feuding Kingdoms.

Tekni i nei Pródonos ("From Art, Truth")

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Arcadia, the Feuding Kingdoms (together with Axmund)
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
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