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The capital of the Kingdom of Arcadia, the city of Kefalaio lies on the eastern coast of Aressa. Before the kingdom’s rise, it was the greatest and most renowned merchant city in the world, but during the Heoringan Invasion, it was sacked and has never fully recovered. It is the site of the Arcadian Palace, the Grand Museum, and many galleries of art. It is a rare Kefalaian who is not an artist or artisan of some sort, and even merchants are uncommon in the city.


Approx. 76% elven, 12% human, 12% other


Kefalaio is ruled in name by the Grand Mayor, but in practice this title has belonged to the king of Arcadia since the Kingdom was founded. The city is thus one of the king's greatest resources, but, owing to the many bickering noble houses in the city, it is also a powder keg waiting to explode.


Kefalaio is a crucial center of trade, especially northwards. It imports wine, exotic creatures, and many other strange things from Hastis to the north, and exports many beautiful works of art as well as sending food southwards and receiving metals and timber from Hesia and Oryktós.


Kefalaio's founding is ancient history and legend, beyond all recall. Some say that it was founded by the First Elves born from the blood of Corellon, others that it was home to so many folk that the whole city was raised in a day, and yet others claim that the entire city was created as a gift from the gods. By the time the current numbering of years was created, Kefalaio was already several hundred years old, and this can be seen in its architecture, incorporating many styles and sometimes even multiple styles in the same building.   Kefalaio was conquered by the Heoringas in 909, having become a major mercantile power. The city was not sacked, but the inhabitants were forced to bring out their wealth and surrender it all to the invaders. The Mayor at the time, Cagaetos Isaros, escaped, and led the coalition force that retook the city in 913.   When the War of Three Hundred Kings broke out, Cagaetos took the great wealth of Kefalaio and used it to train and equip a vast army, quickly subjugating the many other would-be kings. It remained his capital after he took the crown, and the Mayor's palace was renamed to the Arcadian Palace, as a symbol of unification.   Under the Kingdom of Arcadia, Kefalaio has grown and surpassed its former strength, becoming the trade capital of the east. It is the largest city in Aressa, rivaled only by Adholis and Esedinas.

Large city
Approx. 38,000
Owning Organization
Kingdom of Arcadia

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