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Rod of Mara

The Rod of Mara was a powerful magical artifact held as part of the royal regalia of the Kingdom of Arcadia. It was a stout wooden staff, decorated with silver, and was not only a symbol of the King’s authority but was also said to grant its wielder incredible magical powers. The Rod disappeared over a century ago, and is believed to have been stolen by Anburn Thrice-Cursed while he was captain of the Dreadbringer and buried in the Hauntmoor. It is now considered priceless and one of the most valuable items in the world.   The Rod was made from a single, straight branch of black ash, and was about five feet long. Silver decorations were entwined around it in patterns that seemed to shift and flow, and the tips were covered with a silver cap. The Rod was one of the symbols of the Arcadian crown, and it was commonly held by the King during public appearances, though it was believed to have magical powers.   Exactly what these powers were is now unclear: legends range from making its holder invisible, to allowing them to fly, to causing poisoned food to glow in its presence. However, the abilities the Rod is most often said to grant its owner are incredible powers of perception and recall, including sight reaching even into the Ethereal and lore greater than many lore-masters, as well as enhancing and strengthening the owner’s magical abilities. Any other powers it may have had are unknown; its full power was never openly revealed, and there were few Arcadians who knew the truth even when Cagaetos the Red still held the Rod.   The legend of the Rod is the primary temptation that brings adventurers to the Hauntmoor; no one would dare to enter the moor if it were not said to be buried there. Were someone to find the Rod, they would become rich beyond reckoning, as the Kingdom of Arcadia would give almost anything to have it safely returned. Of course, if it holds as much magical power as is claimed, they might perhaps become a new power in Aressa, beyond any King or Wizard....


The Rod of Mara is a royal symbol of the Kingdom of Arcadia, and, if it were recovered, could grant the King (or the Rod's finder) great power.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Kingdom of Arcadia
Approx. 7 lbs.
5ft long, ~1.5in diameter
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
A straight piece of black ash, bound in silver

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