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The Missilier is a specialized soldier, skilled in the art of Fire-Powder Weaponry, particularly rockets. Their role in battle is crucial, and even mediocre missiliers receive great honor.



The process to become a missilier takes about a year, during which the recruit is constantly trained in the safe use and careful aiming of rockets. Potential missiliers are selected from among soldiers with more than six months of battle experience or who have distinguished themselves in battle.



Missiliers fill the role of artillery on a grand scale. In the past, war mages were the only available artillery. They could work great destruction with their magic, but even the strongest would eventually exhaust himself, and the practice and training required to become one took decades to truly complete. Missiliers are available in much larger numbers, require less training, and can fight until they run out of rockets, enabling them to contribute to the battle far longer than a mage.


Between 5 and 15 percent of the armed forces of the Kingdom of Axmund and Kingdom of Arcadia are dedicated missiliers, and most soldiers have at least some experience with rockets.


The missiler is a relatively new type of soldier. Prior to the introduction of Fire-Powder Weaponry, their role as artillery was filled by wizards or sorcerers. However, the introduction of rockets usurped this role, and a dedicated class of soldier was soon created to handle these new weapons.



A tinderbox, a wooden frame for rockets, and numerous rockets are the tools of the missilier.

Greatly demanded

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