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The Ektaveh

What started as an honorable group of warriors sworn to kill monsters at whatever cost, the Ektaveh eventually devolved into a cabal of mass-murderers who prefer to kill people they deem anomalous and imperfect, though they do still a certain amount of monster hunting to keep people divided on whether or not they are in fact the good guys.


The Ekta have a strict hierarchy of titles and offices for leading and teaching the organization publically and in the field. The public head of the Ekta is the Shepherd, claiming to speak for Voskos, the Great Shepherd. Below him are Teachers, who dispense the Shepherd's teachings and edicts to the public wherever they are welcomed.   On the military side of things, the highest rank is the Absolver. Acting as generals, Absolvers lead hundreds of elite warriors however they see fit, with the occassional assignment from the Shepherd, when their reputation as monster-hunters needs a boost. The rest of the time they do their best to eradicate anyone that doesn't fit their definition of purity. Werewolves, people with deformities, people with strange abilities, people from "impure" ethnicities, are all hunted down regardless of whether any crime has been committed. When the Ekta raze a village or commit some comparably evil act, they spread rumors that a monster is responsible, and that they are hunting it. At times they have even brought a carcass or body part from a previous job and paraded it through neighboring towns to show that they are the protectors of the people.

Public Agenda

The Ektaveh publically stand for the eradication of monsters of any kind, anywhere, starting with those directly threatening civilians. This is the foundation they were built upon from the beginning and now works well as a front to keep governments from knowing whether or not to oppose them, especially when they are indebted to them for their services in the past.


Since their founding members were wealthy and honorable, the Ekta have inherited great material wealth and several fortresses scattered about Vadra. They also own several businesses involved in the transport of goods and people who will pay well to have monster-hunters protecting them.

Purity for the People, Death for the Impure

Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Purifiers or Ekta, The Pure


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