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Before time began, Voskos spread out the world of Vossmere in its most basic form, an endless plot of soil stretching in every direction, with masses of ice embedded in it, and fire beneath. Voskos then created thirteen gardeners, known as the Aviri. He made them to work His will on the world, improving and enjoying it; in places causing greater separation between the ice and fire, in others causing them to entwine. The Aviri each found their role, working together to create oceans, lands, valleys, mountains, heavenly lights, plants of every kind, and myriad creatures as Voskos inspired them.   Vossmere (at times called 'Vadra') is a plane of existence where the physical and spiritual meld into one whole. There is no known edge to the world, and the greatest minds still ponder the contents of the sky, from the myriad stars, to the series of four hundred suns, each seen once a year.   Vossmere is a land enveloped by glaciers around and underneath. It is beset with frozen seas, and frigid waters, though lush swamps, towering mountains, and evergreen forests subsist on the subterranean warmth given off by volcanoes and hot springs. In addition, numerous islands, atolls, and archipelagos dot the oceans.   The Aviri and their children oversee it all, for better or worse, each according to their domain. Whether Man or Dwarf, Demihuman or one of the wandering Thralls, bloated with unnatural power, all will encounter Voskos through His Aviri.