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The Onyx Association

the Onyx Association is a crime syndicate whose primary business is human trafficking. Though the organization began in Zenxon, it is now worldwide. They are known for leaving a small piece of Oynx in the hands of those they kill, as warning to any who cross them.


The Onyx Association has its roots in backlash against the abolition of slavery in the late 15th century, when a group of people, led by law officials who disagreed with the king, broke into the prison in the city of Chaissor, kidnapping the inmates and selling them into slavery. This secret slavery ring began with the idea of punishing criminals with forced labor, but by 1510, they had expanded to kidnapping poor and disenfranchised people and forcing them to work. By the next century, the ring had grown large enough that people sometimes kidnapped and sold unwanted relatives to them. The Zenxon government knew it was being made a fool of, but struggled to track down the leaders of the ring, who had begun to funnel their business through legitimate businesses.   By this time, members had begun to refer to the organization as "The Association." In 1755, notorious Association leader, Cyril Stilo, added in the practice of intimidation. Up to now, the Association had killed when necessary, but often relied on their cunning to evade the law. Stilo made it a practice to kill anyone who threatened to reveal the inner workings of their organization and marked each kill by putting a piece of onyx in the victim's hand. Soon, other members of the Association picked up this tactic, earning the group the name The Onyx Association. For decades, the Onyx Association ruled Zenxon through intimidation.   By the late 19th century, this had ended, and the majority of the Association's trade within in Zenxon had been shut down. By this time, however, the Association had expanded worldwide, and though their operation has slowed in Zenxon, it continues to thrive in other continents. There is also still a small contingient operating in Zenxon. They continue to evade the law using the same cover-up businesses and intimidation tactics.

Authority, Cunning, Competition

Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The Association

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