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Nideon is a planet orbiting the star Frist. It has a relatively short history because it was settled by travelers from a distant planet who have long since lost contact with their colonies... or at least, that's what the astromythologists would have you believe. But that's only one theory about the planet's strange history.   What can be said for certain is that the planet's history is short and confusing. There is little evidence of human life dating back more than a couple thousand years. People, languages, and technologies seem to have sprung from nowhere and numerous religious and scientific groups have tried to explain how these things came about on the planet.   Whatever the cause, it was almost certainly connected to magic. Magic is rampant on Nideon, and though most people no longer believe the stories that the Calistian gods bestowed the gift on people, they have studied and discovered some of the rules behind its workings. Perhaps the most widely accepted theory about magic is that the non-human races were all once human and were changed by magic. Whether this is a blessing or a curse, however, is up for debate.   Many secrets lie behind the magic and unusual history of Nideon, buried in myth and memory, and perhaps the only way to discover what is truth and what is speculation is to venture there yourself...