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Omrai Omvalis

We speak for those whose voice has been silenced for too long.

Born from Erraia's resistance movement opposing king Ulden, resulting in his assassination and the The Revolution War, was the group calling themselves Omrai Omvalis. Lead by feared "Kingslayers" Erraia (formerly) and Aella, the "new rebellion" is secretive, but allegedly a far spread network across the mainland of Ivendarea.   Opposing the human kings, first Ulden, then Alund, now Leoros, they remain hiding in the shadows, often without causing too much of a stir for decades - giving the humans a false sense of security. When they strike, they strike fast and violently, which is what makes them a threat not to underestimate for the safety of those that stand on their wrong side. On the other hand, they offer a helping hand to those that are considered worth nothing in the eyes of society. Those who are in need and want to change things for the better the most desperately come to the Omrai Omvalis for providing protection, hiding, and the means to join the fight for a future for Ivendarea after their own image. They are not afraid of killing, not afraid to die, and not afraid to use the innocent as their pawns.


Not much is known about the inner structure of the Omrai Omvalis - only that it is allegedly led by the infamous Aella and her brothers.   By some Aella is considered a hero that fights for freedom, someone who could really make a change where King Panmorn has decided to sit and wait, not obeying but also not opposing the human king. Others see in her the reason why Maan Garth has been isolated from the mainland for nearly 70 years, why Maan Ganyr was ransacked and Queen Rava killed - why the resistance has become part of the reason Ivendarea is torn.   The Omrai Omvalis have several hideouts in the western part of Ivendarea, but their locations are well-kept secrets - and each is overseen by a rebel handpicked by Aella, reporting back to her regularly on the success of missions, recruitment of new members, and other activities in the area they are stationed in.   The main body of the Omrai Omvalis are people of everyday life as well as those who have fully devoted their lives to the cause of fighting king Leoros and his agenda. From small-time criminals and thieves, to prostitutes, business owners, servants, ex-soldiers and old nobility - almost everyone can find a place among the ranks of the Omrai Omvalis. Most of them in some way have experienced injustice and pain caused by the human rule, have lost loved ones or their homes, or are generally unsatisfied with the way Ivendarea is governed, the way of life that is being forced upon them.

Public Agenda

  • Dethrone the human ruler and restore the old order.
  • Sabotage the troups under Leoros' command; sabotage infrastructure and supplies that could give the royal army an advantage.
  • Recruit those that have been treated unfairly by the "new" Ivendarea; provide them with shelter, supplies, education, and training, so that they may rise up against their unjust ruler.


The origins of the Omrai Omvalis lie in a small forest village with the name of Talthea. About a three day march away from Saratheas it is located at the foot of the Skyreach Mountains, specializing in woodworking and mining. It is also the birthplace of Erraia, who should later become the voice of the resistance movement (see also: The Revolution War).   What started as a peaceful weekly gathering to speak about several recent law changes and the human's politics in general soon turned into a movement. Erraia was known for her wits and being a voice of reason - for the most part at least, she was not scared to stand her ground and defend herself and her views against those that opposed her. She was a passionate speaker and drew the attention of Aella and Pirc, two young nobles who had come all the way from Maan Garth with a message that would change everything. The Queen herself had offered her support, or so Aella and Pirc told her at least, if Erraia and her resistance helped with getting king Ulden to resign.   With the resistance getting more and more momentum and members, king Ulden got to hear of it - and from there on things escalated. A preventive strike of Ulden against the unsuspecting protestors resulted in a plot to kill him and his family; cut off the snake's head to get rid of it efficiently. The plan only partly succeeded though, resulting in a war and devastating losses - and Erraia's execution in Saratheas.   It grew quiet around the resistance for several years, until rumors spread that Aella had repeatedly been seen on the mainland, although using different names and disguising her appearance, as she was still a wanted woman, along with her brother Pirc and several others that were involved in the resistance.   Every now and again smaller attacks on travelling groups of soldiers and supply caravans had been started, couriers were intercepted, sometimes taken hostage and murdered as a warning, but the group was much more careful than before, keeping in the shadows. Until his death king Alund fought his own small guerilla war against the resistance. The mysterious circumstances of his death near Talthea, where it had all started, definitely led to a wave of speculations and accusations; a late revenge of fate for Erraia's death, or the assassination plot spun by the resistance being successful after all - even if over a decade later than planned. King Leoros succeeded his brother on the throne, still very young and inexperienced, so initially his priorities were elsewhere and not focused on the resitance.   And the resistance, meanwhile starting to call themselves "Omrai Omvalis", the voice of the voiceless, withdrew to the shadows once more. What the young Leoros didn't know was that during his brother's rule the group had eagerly been gathering members that patiently waited for their big moment to strike - and if the nyr have the edge over the humans in one virtue, it is patience.   Leoros married a young princess from the neighbouring country Darthonis, which wasn't met with enthusiasm from everyone. The king's position in his own country weakened, Aella knew it was time for another big strike - the strike that would bring the movement back into people's memory and serve as a warning not to cross them all at once.   Since the assassination of king Ulden, the Royal Palace of Saratheas had been additionally fortified - and it is still unclear how exactly the rebels managed to infiltrate it yet again. This time though not only a small group snuck into the city, at least a hundred rebels made it to the palace at night, storming the doors and scaling the walls. The soldiers weren't prepared, but rumor has it that Leoros was warned in some way, as he and his wife managed to escape deeper into the palace before Aella and her group could strike. Many lost their lives on both sides and the Palace was significantly damaged - and even though Leoros could escape, the city was in disarray, the country alarmed and in fear and it took weeks to rebuild and months to recover. Even if the primary objective of the mission had failed, killing Leoros, the rebels had caused quite the stir and declared once again that they were still a force to be reckoned with. Over the course of the weeks following the assault, a number of individuals was arrested as alleged rebels and subsequently executed, a warning for the rest of the Omrai Omvalis, but Aella and Pirc weren't to be seen anymore.   When prince Gralan was born, the king feared that the rebels would strike again - but surprisingly they didn't. Operating from the shadows again it was rumored for a long time that Aella and Pirc might have been killed in the assault at the palace after all. Pirc remains missing until today, but Aella has been seen a few years later on, after things had calmed down again. She always was and still is an expert at avoiding the authorities though, and it is rumored that she has a secret base of operations hidden so well but in plain sight that no-one ever would think of searching it. Ever since Gralan was born Leoros had put more and more emphasis on the hunt of the rebels, but so far they have been able to evade the long arm of justice.
Illicit, Rebel
Alternative Names
The New Rebellion
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Omrai, Rebel
Notable Members

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