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12th day of Suthon, year 527 AC

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Ivendarea, the "cradle of the green river", is a large peninsula stretching from a cold tundra in the north to subtropical forests, fertile lands, and steep coasts in the south. The nyr, indigenous inhabitants of Ivendarea, are curious and peaceful explorers, a long-living people to which magic is as natural as breathing. Centuries ago Ivendarea was conquered by foreign forces led by the exiled prince Zerenda, and ever since the before seemingly peaceful life of the nyr keeps has been disrupted by conflicts with the conquerers. The former royal family of Ivendarea lives exiled and isolated on the island Maan Garth west to the main peninsula, waiting for their time to rise to power again. Their current king Panmorn supports these politics of isolation, but not all agree with him, call for taking back what originally was theirs. Meanwhile the king on the mainland, Leoros, on the one hand wants a peaceful co-existence and potenially even an end of the isolation - but of course he'd also like to keep his throne and power.