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Aella Panthil'y (a.k.a. The Rebel Leader)

Aella is the middle child of an old family from Panthil on Maan Garth. She has made herself infamous through the part she played in the Revolution War, tricking and betraying queen Rava who had considered her a friend. The scheming of Aella and her older brother Pirc led to the assassination of king Ulden and eventually the start of the war, forcing Rava to march against king Alund and the Battle of Maan Ganyr.   After Rava's death, the fall and destruction of Maan Ganyr, and the break-away of Maan Garth from the mainland of Ivendarea, she and Pirc were banished from ever returning to their home by the new king of the nyr, Panmorn.   Aella is now known to allegedly lead a rebel group that call themselves the Omrai Omvalis, working in the shadows on the mainland of Ivendarea, still fighting against the human regime. Aella herself, by some considered a hero, by others a traitor to her own people, keeps out of plain sight due to being a wanted criminal and outcast.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aella was born second to an old noble family native to Maan Garth that had tight connections to the royal family. She has an older and a younger brother, Pirc and Davril, and the three siblings born and raised in Panthil were taught from an age that they were destined for greatness.   Due to Aella's family's ties to the royals of the island it was only a matter of time for her to meet Princess Rava. While both of them were young adults they shared a private tutor training them in the use of their magic - both girls showed great potential and power, noticed that they shared similar interests, and despite Rava being more than a century older than Aella they soon became good friends. There was always a certain rivalry between them, and they were known to hold small friendly competitions measuring their power. After their wild childhood both grew into responsible and well-respected women in their community, their bond and friendship tight as always - still some competition now and then, but it seemed like nothing could ever stand between them.   Aella was always very close to her younger brother Davril as well. Their parents died before he reached adulthood and he started to look up to her and their older brother Pirc as role models, rarely leaving their side. Aella to some degree enjoyed his admiration, but she had always been someone to value her independence to a great degree, therefore trying to get away from home and her clingy brother more and more often after her parents' death.   She crossed the Thorn Strait for the first time on a merchant ship, without her brothers, just to see for herself and form her own opinions how life was like for one of their own over on the Ivendarean Mainland. She had heard the rumors about the oppressive king and government, about nyr being held as slaves and worse, second-class citizens in their own nation. She found some of the rumors to contain much more truth than she would have liked. Despite her people's isolation on Maan Garth, it was better than what some nyr had to face in cities like Saratheas.   Despite the horrible things she experienced and witnessed, her interest for the mainland was awakened. With the curiosity of a scholar she kept returning, sometimes accompanied by Pirc who had started to wonder where his sister disappeared to for weeks at a time. The duo travelled far into the country, keeping a low profile - they were of noble origins by blood, but Aella had never been scared of getting her hands dirty, or the general discomfort of long journeys with little means to one's name. Pirc and her soon came to the agreement that something had to change, that the injustice carried out by the human governemnt against their people had to stop. When queen Brestine resigned and Rava seized the throne in Panthil Aella knew that the time had come to take the first steps to take Ivendarea back for their people in its entirety.   The Revolution War followed soon after - working as mediators between Rava on Maan Garth and the resistance of nyr on the mainland led by a woman called Erraia, Aella had found her true calling. Things soon got out of hand though when king Ulden retaliated against the resistance's actions with violence, trying to smother the coming revolution in the cradle. The until this point peaceful resistance turned to violence as well, and the Revolution War began with the assassination of Ulden and the execution of Erraia. Aella and Pirc managed to flee and seemingly disappeared into thin air, leaving Rava as the only one left to blame for Ulden's successor.   After the end of the war and significant losses of the nyr the siblings were still nowhere to be found. Maan Garth now even more isolated that before couldn't quite celebrate their new king Panmorn, but his first deed as the successor of his wife Rava was to banish the traitors Aella and Pirc from Maan Garth forever, wherever they were now, dead or alive.   It took many decades until Pirc and Aella were seen again - this time returning with their own resistance movement that Aella titled the Omrai Omvalis - "voice of the voiceless". Compared to the first resistance led by Erraia, Aella made sure to keep the Omrai Omvalis an organization that stayed in the shadows rather than openly protesting the government. She made the claims that the accident that killed king Alund had been orchestrated by her group, and when Leoros seized the throne after his brother he was sent the message that they were watching and waiting to get him too.   Aella had become careful though, not wanting to ever lose control again like she had the first time, and creating a network of spies and contacts all across Ivendarea's mainland. Pirc's part in the Omrai Omvalis was long unclear, some wondered if he even was still with her after the Revolution War. For decades yet again things started to grow quiet around the group - until they struck one night with such vigor and violence that many feared another war would follow. Only by sheer luck king Leoros and his wife Therstina survived an assassination attempt, receiving a warning in the last minute apparently and fleeing the Palace of Saratheas. A group of several hundred rebels led by Aella, Pirc, and this time also Davril, stormed the courtyard and castle, slaying dozens of civilians and soldiers serving the king. Yet again the plan didn't work out as intended, and once again Aella and her brothers had to disappear.   No war followed thankfully, but Leoros still tightened the laws to prevent further attacks like this from happening. It had become nearly impossible now to openly form assemblies or protest the government, and the situation for the nyr on the mainland once more worsened, leading to another large influx of refugees leaving for Maan Garth.   Aella never showed herself in public again after the events of this last strike. Some even claim until today that the Omrai Omvalis, devout to their leader, had covered up her potential death in the night of the failed assassination and only pretended to still follow her orders. As of now, her fate remains a mystery, but if anything the rumors of her death made her an even more notorious figure in Ivendarea's younger history. Celebrated as a martyr by some, others expecting her glorious return, and especially the nyr of Maan Garth still hoping that the rumors of her death are true, Aella definitely had made herself a name like her parents had prophesied - although probably not in the way they had hoped.
Year of Birth
173 AC 354 Years old
blonde, straight
169 cm
68 kg
Aligned Organization

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Character Portrait image: Aella Simple Portrait by Elvenbeard


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