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The city that stood alone

Panthil has always been a city of solitude. Its own name meaning "refuge" it is located on a high, steep cliff at the eastern coastline of Maan Garth, overlooking the Bay of Maan Garth and the Thorn Straits. It might not be the biggest city of Ivendarea by size, but it undoubtedly is by the number of its permanent residents.


The only species living in Panthil are nyr, and due to their slight isolation from the rest of Ivendarea, over the centuries they shaped their own customs and way of life (see also: Ganaar- the Nyr of Maan Garth). In the last decades the number of "outsiders", meaning nyr that were born and raised on the mainland, has increased. More and more refugees fleeing the mainland decide to make the island their new home, particularly after the events of the The Revolution War - and since Panthil is the only settlement with a harbour on Maan Garth and generally offers a certain safety and stability in comparison to the wild lands surrounding it, the majority of the people coming from the main land arrive here and stay here.   Age-wise, the population of Panthil is faily evenly spread, although the birthrate has fallen; the elder residents are almost exclusively born and raised on the island, while a lot less children are born in Panthil than there used to be. Most of the refugees arriving though are young families who dare the dangerous journey across the ocean in the hopes of beginning a new chapter of their lives in Panthil.   Due to the large number of residents and significant percentage of refugees, the city is, despite its size, rather poor. There is a small elite, mainly the descendants of old noble houses as well as the royal family and other members of the government. The main part of the citizens are simple workers though with not much to their name. This has led to a slight degradation of certain parts of the city, and on the lowest terraces the living conditions are less than pleasant. A local saying is "the more of the sea you can see, the better your life will be", meaning that in the districts located at the top of the cliffside, overlooking the bay, the wealthiest citizens have their homes.   Species Distribution:
100% Nyr

Largest Ethnic Groups:
Gaanar (Nyr), Sylai, Gideya (Nyr)

Dominant Professions:
Fisherman, Harbour Worker, Day Labourer, Guard, Servant, Merchant, Priest, Prostitute


Before Zerenda's Invasion Panthil and Maan Garth already had a special standing in the way they were governed. A local ruler, sitting in Panthil, had the power over the city itself as well as the rest of the villages and settlements along the coast of the island, making them rule over more land than any of the other of the monarch's stewards. The so-called Pallis was, for the longest time, the only person deciding the island's course. Usually they were a descendant of the most influential noble family of the island, who was well-liked due to both their connections and pragmatism.   This changed when king Fannyel was slain by Zerenda, ordering his wife to take their daughter and flee the mainland. The human invaders had conquered the majority of the east coast already, were in front of the city gates of Canwyl and also eyeing the valleys in the west. Maan Garth was regarded relatively safe still, because the dangerous Thorn Straits and steep cliffs were an obstacle that would prevent Zerenda from getting to the island easily and quickly.   When Queen Ylla and her daughter Brestine arrived in Panthil, they were welcomed with joy and sadness at once - a visit from the royal family was a rare honour, but the circumstances couldn't have been worse. This was also the time when things dramatically changed for the government of Panthil and Maan Garth: initially queen Ylla was too weak to rule, struck hard by the death of her husband and flight from their home. But what the Ivendareans needed more than anything else at the time was a strong and present ruler taking action. So Ylla was invited into Panthil's council and encouraged to take decisions that actually were part of the Pallis' duty - and beyond. After Ylla's death Brestine took her place, and in opposite to her weakened mother she was on fire and ready to defy Zerenda with all it took. And while she was at it, she also completely seized the power over Panthil and Maan Garth, declaring it the last bastion of Ivendarea that would not fall victim to Zerenda's armies. Most of the council members were pleased with this development, although the Pallis became worried, having been degraded to a regular council member - it was not like they could override the queen's decisions.   Everything was then settled with Brestine's peace treaty: she was allowed to keep her title, but not to ever return to the mainland, having to remain isolated on the island in Panthil. The queen finally officially replaced the Pallis of the time, making the position redundant.   Today it is still Ivendarea's nyr ruler that governs over Panthil and Maan Garth, together with a council like it used to be the tradition before Zerenda arrived (see also: Ivendarea Before Conquest - Structure).

Guilds and Factions

The Avon Julanor are the biggest and probably most secretive faction on Maan Garth. Their office in Panthil is the only remaining one in Ivendarea, the others were wiped out by Zerenda's invasion army.
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