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Wherever this road may take me, I will pursue it with foresight and care.

Breella Panthil'y (a.k.a. Bree)

Breella is the firstborn child of Rava and Panmorn. In a few weeks time she will celebrate her 75th birthday and Vath'eran, the nyr's coming-of-age ritual.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

One of Breella's clearest childhood memories is her playing with her grandmother Brestine, while her father is in the room next door, trying to calm down her crying baby brother Adoven. She remembers the serene sound of waves in the distance, a light breeze ever so slightly moving the curtains and her hair. As Breella learned later, this was the moment right before her mother died, hundreds of miles away in a war she never wanted.   Breella doesn't remember much about her mother, a fact that often drives her to visit the temple of Avon Maan where she visits the memory site of the late queen.   Breella, like most of her family members, considers herself devout and enjoys the tranquility of the temple. Unlike her brother she isn't as inclined to magic naturally, which hints at her carrying a soul within that went through great distress in a past life, the trauma blocking the natural flow of magic in her. Also, the young noble is plagued by vague, dark dreams she can't quite decipher. Therefore she is eagerly awaiting her Vath'eran, which will open the door to uncover her past lives and hopefully provide some peace of mind, both for the nightmares and her lack of magical ability.   Breella is said to possess many of her mother's and grandmother's virtues and, like them, will one day become a great ruler and leader. Even at such a young age she is considered to be very foresightful, with a calm demeanor and patience. Like her mother she passionately cares about her people and acts as a voice of reason and change.   With time and age she will also achieve the fortitude and resolve required of a true leader to eventually success her father on the throne in Panthil, as of right now. Due to not being of age yet legally, she isn't ready yet to assume the throne and the weight of responsibility and decision-making required to be carried.


Breella received the best private education available on Maan Garth, as the norm for a young noble. Private tutors as well as scholars taught her everything from a well-founded theoretical knowledge of history, arts, science, and geography, to basic training in magic, riding lessons, music, painting, and even sailing. It was her father who taught her reading and writing already from a young age.


While not taking full political responsibilities just yet, Breella is often present during festivities as a representative of the royal family. She is interested in the procedures at court and her father has offered her a seat on his council as soon as she is of age.

Mental Trauma

Repeated vague nightmares and visions that keep her up at night - they started a few years ago and the cause couldn't be determined yet.


Family Ties

Child of king Panmorn and late queen Rava Sibling of Adoven Grandchild of former queen Brestine
Current Location
Year of Birth
452 AC 75 Years old
Current Residence
Red, long and curly

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Character Portrait image: Breella simple portrait by Elvenbeard


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