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Avon Julanor

The Eyes of Justice

The Avon Julanor is a semi-secret magical order situated on the island Maan Garth, in the heart of Panthil. They are seen with both respect and suspicion by the common citizens, but they have proven to be efficient and just when it comes to the solving of crimes and restoring of order in chaotic times.


The order is first mentioned as a group called the "King's Eyes" ("Avon Iovana") during the later life of Aman. Allegedly they were founded by the orders of Iovana Davar, who had become increasingly paranoid with age and saw a threat in the "cult" forming around Aman and their teachings. They were intended to be a more civil arm of the military, with a focus on intelligence and secrecy as opposed to the guards and soldiers carrying out justice against criminals with sheer force. Back then their headquarters were located directly in the Emerald Palace of Canwyl.   After Aman's disappearance and rise to godhood, Davar ordered a thorough search and investigation of Maan Ganyr, suspecting an attempted coup of Aman's followers, but there was no trace of Aman to be found. Shortly after the Oracle disappeared as well, along with some of Aman's oldest students. A long investigation followed, also by demand of the public and the growing group of Aman's followers, but the King's Eyes failed to deliver any results. It grew quiet around the organization as quickly as they had gained momentum initially. King Davar had fallen ill, trapped in his own delusions, and died soon after. The mystery of the disappearances of Aman's followers and the Oracle remained unsolved.   His son and successor, Iovana Elek, ordered a disbandment of the King's Eyes, as he felt that they hadn't been able to use their full potential under his father's rule. A few months after Elek's coronation the order was restructured and regrouped as the new "Avon Julanor" (lit. Julanor's Eyes or the "eyes of justice"), their headquarters now in the temple city of Saratheas. They were still officially under the Iovana's order, but much more free in carrying out their dutires. They even gained the permission to disobey the monarch if justice was threatened - the only one they truly had to answer to was the god Julanor, which made them as much a religious as a civil organization.   Finally the long halted investigation of the Oracle's disappearance could offer new leads, and the order uncovered a murder conspiracy, leading to king Davar himself. Allegedly he had ordered to have Aman and their followers locked up and killed, but after Aman's sudden disappearance and rise to godhood the plan was discarded. It is highly likely though that it was later carried out regardless, murdering the Oracle and high-ranking followers of the alleged new god to prevent a religious revolution. It was also considered a possibility that the Oracle and Aman's students had somehow obtained the secret information of the murder conspiracy and could escape, yet since they were nowhere to be found alive it was an unlikely alternative. After a few centuries had passed the Oracle and Aman's followers were declared dead officially eventually, despite their bodies never being recovered.   Ever since these times the Avon Julanor has functioned as intended by Elek: still a civil arm of the military and under the monarch's command, but free in how to use their resources, in the recruitment of new members, and in carrying out justice according to the given laws and Julanor's will.   During the Cleansing of Saratheas the Avon Julanor fought fiercely against Zerenda's forces, protecting innocents from harm and guiding them out of the city. When the walls fell the order decided to abandon their headquarters, fleeing together with the remaining priests of the temple after taking heavy losses. Too thinned out in numbers to resist they fled to Maan Garth like many other nyr during these dark times, and eventually their new headquarters were established in a small temple dedicated to Julanor in Panthil with the full support of Iovana Ylla and then Iovana Brestine.
Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names
The Eyes
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Agent of Julanor
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