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Cleansing of Saratheas

The Cleansing was part of king Zerenda's campaign to overthrow the Ivendarean government and seize power for himself. It took place in the eigth year after the death Iovana Fannyel, and one of its main goals was to turn Saratheas into the country's new capital. Not only was it, in Zerenda's eyes, in a strategically more advantageous position than the old capital Canwyl, he also feared that a rebellion against him was brewing in Saratheas.   The siege of Saratheas lasted many months, the actual assault and conquering of the town once its walls had been torn down went by fast and caused many civilian casualties. Many of those nyr who witnessed the Cleansing as children and survived their forced escape with their families still suffer from the psychological trauma. Current Iovana Panmorn is one of the most famous survivors of the attack.   The Cleansing of Saratheas, the unnecessary violence and suffering it caused for such little gain, is still one of the most important events of early assadin rule that cemented the distrust, grief, and hatred the older generation of the nyr still have deep within them. For the short-lived assadin it is a historical event long in the past, as Zerenda and all soldiers who participated in it are long dead.

The Conflict


  • The city walls are destroyed in the process of Zerenda's siege and need to be repaired
  • The priests of the temple are almost completely wiped out, only a few manage to flee
  • A large portion of the residents of the city flee, most of them finding refuge on Maan Garth eventually
  • Saratheas is announced the new capital of Ivendarea shortly after the siege is over
  • The rest of the nyr residents are driven out of the city as it's plundered by the assadin soldiers


  • Until Brestine managed to agree on a peace treaty with king Zerenda, no nyr was allowed to enter the city
  • The Royal Academy was shut down during the siege and remained shut until after the peace talks
  • The former main temple was restructured to become the new palace of Saratheas, where the royal family resides until this day
  • The central gardens that used to be a place of meeting and contemplation were turned into a graveyard for fallen assadin soldiers that is also still in use today

Historical Significance

Technological Advancement

The invention of a siege engine named Zerenda's Fangs was crucial for Zerenda's successful conquest of the city. Without it the city was nearly impossible to enter, located on a high cliff, surrounded by unscalable, until this point impenetrable walls.
Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
Zerenda conquers the city of Saratheas after a long siege and large bloodbath


Zerenda's Forces
The City of Saratheas




Tear down the city's walls, conquer Saratheas, and drive out the occupants - if necessary with lethal force.
Defend the city with all means necessary in the absence of a true military force.

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