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Academy Building

The Academy of Saratheas was founded several centuries after Aman's ascension as the "Theleadras’a Thevas’ara Belvena" - the Academy of Wisdom's Blossoming - by the philanthropist and scholar Ezir.   The organization dedicated itself to making knowledge and study more easily accessible to everyone, not only by providing housing for students and teachers, but also the offering of fields of study no other academy or university at the time had even considered. In Ezir's vision the Academy of Saratheas should be a place where farmers studied alongside mages, where hobbyists could learn from professionals, where everyone could find a place and home as student or teacher as long as their were dedicated and passionate enough about their field of study.   Not only the organization itself but also the building it was supposed to be situated in therefore had a huge range of requirements that all needed to be fitted into a limited space, a true challenge for its architects, and one of the reasons it is considered as one of the most outstanding buildings of Ivendarea today.

Purpose / Function

As one of the first Ivendarean academies, the Theleadras’a Thevas’ara Belvena Building offered not only housing for students, but also teachers. Its two trademark towers offer living spaces, offices, study and assembly rooms with all necessary and a few extra amenities, making it one of the most sought-after and prestigious education institutions today.   Its main purpose of course though is and has always been learning and the teaching of knowledge and life skills alike. The academy offers libraries, big and small classrooms, training areas, a massive terrace-like garden, an observatory, laboratories, and more.   Another, more idealistic purpose Ezir had in mind with the building was to somewhat clear Saratheas' not too favourable reputation at the time. The ancient city had served as the unofficial capital of punishment and justice for centuries, thousands of criminals dying in the Canthoreas labyrinth beneath its streets in a gauntlet of horrors. With the rise of the Aman'a Valeethi and the abolition of the death penalty Ezir felt that it was time to help improve her home's reputation and increasing its appeal for the young generation growing up with Aman's teachings, something eagerly supported by Iovana Elek, her grandfather, and later Vendire, her aunt.


The building was almost seamlessly integrated into the architectural style of Saratheas, making it almost seem as if it had been a part of the city from the very beginning. Cased in smooth white sandstone and marble, accents of starglass increasing the almost religious flair the building radiates, it is breathtakingly beautiful to look at. Two huge towers rise north and south of the main complex, where at the topmost floor, surrounded by a luscious garden, a glass dome rises, the main auditorium. This dome is the only hint of this building being partially designed by Ezir's mother, Canwyl artist and architect, where domes and large glass structures are much more commonly found than in the warm south.
Alternative Names
Building of the Theleadras’a Thevas’ara Belvena
College / Academy
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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