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Aman'a Valeethi

Their origins regarded those of a small cult believed to end before it would truly gain traction, the Aman'a Valeethi have grown to become one of Ivendarea's major religions. Almost every Ivendarean, and definitely every Nyr, know the story of Aman, who refused the teachings of the religious cults centered around individual Gods, and went on a pilgrimage lasting decades and leading them around the whole world to discover the true nature of the Ivendarean pantheon.


The Aman'a Valeethi have no leader in the traditional sense. Of course they follow the teachings of Aman, once a mortal prophet, now a god themself, but this community of believers revers all gods in an equal manner, having no temples that are dedicated to only one of them.   Each temple, big or small, is led by a group of Acolytes that are referred to as the Circle. Depending on its size, a temple's Circle can consist of three, or of thirty members, who all share the same duties and privileges, but who might dedicate themselves to one god and their domain specifically. This doesn't make them a priest exclusively believing in their chosen god, but more something like a specialist, who can answer believers' questions about their chosen god's domain in great detail and maybe approached in particular to offer well-informed advice in certain life situations.   Usually, the Acolytes specialize in their duties around the temple. Some are particularly interested in the conduction of certain rituals, such as Soul Bonding or Vath'eran ceremonies or even burials. Others take on more organizational duties, such as managing the temple's funds and keeping in contact with temples in other cities. A handful of Acolytes may specialize particularly as Healers of both physical and psychological ailments plaguing the temple's community members. And then there are of course the Conservationists, who dedicate the majority of their time to the conservation of memories for purposes of historical scholarship and research.   It is of course also possible for Acolytes to specialize in several of these fields, have Healers that prepare the dead for burial, and Conservationists to some degree have to take an active part in the conduction of the Vath'eran.   Every temple also has apprentices who wish to be trained as Acolytes, either in a specific field such as Conservationist or Healer, or would like to enter the service of a certain god. The latter is particularly the case in larger temples with more than 15 Acolytes.

Tenets of Faith

  1. Aman rose to godhood, joining the gods in the Silent Waters.
  2. We are reborn in an endless cycle which furthers our personal and our people's growth.
  3. The purpose of our life is not to break the circle of rebirths, but to walk our own paths. We devote ourselves to ourselves, to our land, and to our communities and keeping them safe.
  4. Life is learning, and in death lies growth; in both we are united and connected to each other.
  5. In this world our body is a vessel for the soul we carry; it is ephemeral, but we need to treat it well to keep our soul from harm.
  6. After death we join the Gods in the Silent Waters, waiting to be reborn.
  7. The Gods don't interfere with this world, and they are neither good nor evil; they are merely guides on our own lives' paths.
  8. Connecting with our past is necessary to growth and Attunement.
  9. Attunment to ourselves, to our community, and to our land is necessary to unfold our true and full potential: as people, as mages, as scholars, as Nyr.
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The Children of Aman
Valeethi, Follower
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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