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Kingdom of Ivendarea

Ivendarea today has been stuck in a state of unrest for more than 500 years. Conquered by Zerenda, Assadin warrior-prince and outcast, in a violent series of wars and other military conflicts, the nation is meanwhile known beyond its borders for not being able to move out of a situation of political stalemate: two monarchs rule the country, independent of each other, and yet codependent to uphold a shaky peace.   Before Zerenda's Conquest Ivendarea wasn't known to be a strong military force, a nation of explorers, artists, and scholars, living very self-sufficient and far off the rest of the world. These facts at least didn't change much until today, but more than ever Ivendarea is threatened from within, rather than through outside forces. Rebel organizations as well as the rivaling rulers fight for the loyalty of the people, and a new civil war seems to be brewing on the horizon as old government structures are just barely upheld, but those brought in by the Assadin conquerors simply don't fit the needs of the people and land.


The Ivendarean government before conquest) had a solid structure with a clear hierarchy, duties, and privileges tailored to the needs of the native Nyr and the country's specifics as such. The reason why the period of Zerenda's ruler-ship is characterized by so much unrest, chaos, and confusion, is because he attempted to completely change the way Ivendarea works, breaking old institutions down and establishing a government system more similar to the one he was used to from his home-country Astairus, which at the time had streaks of a military dictatorship. The same way Astairus ended up failing, falling, and breaking apart though in the coming decades, Ivendarea would have fallen, had it not been for the efforts of Iovana Brestine.   Brestine, child of Iovana Fannyel who had been killed by Zerenda, actively began to seek contact to the invader in an attempt to find peace - no matter if Zerenda deserved to find peace or not. With only the best intentions for her people Brestine managed to get Zerenda to agree on a Peace Treaty that would not only secure the rights of the Nyr of Ivendarea, but also make it possible for them and the Assadin to co-exist.   Brestine's Peace Treaty thereby is the root for Ivendarea's dual-monarchy: in the name of peace the Assadin were allowed to rule the country, yet the Iovana, the Nyr's equivalent to an elected monarch, would retain their position and rights to a large degree and be allowed to take over the rule again as soon as Zerenda's bloodline died out and let the throne unoccupied.   It was a risk and an experiment to suggest the establishment of a government like this, but Zerenda, tired of fighting and war in his last years agreed, relatively sure that his line dying out would not be something to happen anytime soon.
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