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Royal Scholar

The Royal Scholars are the highest ranks of professors and masters of trade at the Academy of Saratheas of Magic, Arts, and Trade in Saratheas. They are considered experts and masters of their chosen field, sought-after by those willing to learn, respected by their peers, and often also trusted advisors of the ruling monarch.



The title "Royal Scholar" is only given to those who excel in their field of study and can look back at a considerable academic career as either teachers or researchers. Groundbreaking discoveries, new theories, or other grand achievements (such as the invention of a new technology or spell) can be deciding factors as well, as the competition for the rare title is intense.

Career Progression

All Royal Scholars started their careers at the Royal Academy in Saratheas - as students. A lot of them also had some form of home schooling or education or learned a trade prior to joining the Academy, but there are examples of Royal Scholars who came from very simple backgrounds and rose to fame, surpassing their peers with hard work and determination.   After finishing their initial studies, some Royal Scholars stay at the Academy to deepen their knowledge - or to learn something else. A lot leave Saratheas for some time to explore the world or learn from great Masters all over the continent that aren't affiliated with the Academy or other schools. All of them eventually return to Saratheas though to teach or research together with colleagues and students.   All current Royal Scholars are also the ones to suggest potential candidates to join their ranks, and every 10 years 1-3 new scholars are appointed by them. Out of a list of usually up to 20 candidates the council of scholars votes for their most promising favourites.

Payment & Reimbursement

Like regular professors, Royal Scholars are paid partly by the crown, partly out of the funds collected through tuition fees. Compared to a "regular" professor or researcher, the payment of a Royal Scholar is significantly higher, and they receive a priority treatment when applying for additional funds to finance research expeditions or new equipment, for example.   Furthermore, due to their high standing in society, they are treated with a certain respect, and they receive the opportunity after being appointed to move to a completely furnished and paid for apartment or small house close to the Academy, equipped with everything they need and wish for (within reasonable boundaries and depending on their field of study and research of course).

Other Benefits

A Royal Scholar is a person of authority, immense knowledge and skill, and therefore strongly respected in the large part of society. They are not above the law, of course, but some people might be more willing to look the other direction or keep quiet to protect them.



Royal Scholars overall: 15
Nyr: 9
Assadin: 5
Darthonian: 1
    Oldest Scholar: 655
Youngest Scholar: 51
    Male: 6
Female: 7
Diverse: 2



The Royal Academy offers office rooms as well as living quarters for professors and scholars from outside of Saratheas. A Scholar's office can be as individually equipped and furnished as a regular room. Be it bookshelves, notes, a huge desk, a laboratory, research notes, maps, a comfortable sofa or other personal items, their office is the scholar's personal realm. None of the current Royal Scholars lives in the professor's quarters, which are separate from the offices but in the same building of the Academy.
Alternative Names
Nythera Endovarin
There are currently only 15 Royal Scholars. Demand is comparably low, and in return the prestige of the position is immense.
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