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Palace of Saratheas

Once a temple dedicated to the Nyr god of Justice, Julanor, then a temple of the priests of the Aman'a Valeethi, now a symbol of Assadin oppression or victory - depending on the viewer's perspective - the Palace of Saratheas has a colourful history.

Purpose / Function

The Palace of Saratheas is the seat of government of the Kingdom of Ivendarea since Zerenda took over the city. It is not only where the royal family with Zerenda's descendants has always resided, it is also where official meetings and ceremonies take place.


When Saratheas was founded on the site where the Palace stands today a temple dedicated to the god of justice, Julanor, was built in this location. Saratheas was, for a long time, Ivendarea's capital of bureaucracy, justice, and taxes due to its central position on the mainland. In the chaotic beginning times of the nation the crime rate was high, and to throw down unrest and those who opposed the newly founded nation, the Canthoreas came into existence to punish those disobeying the new laws and creating order. It was considered fitting to have the largest temple of the city built in honor of the god of justice, and often the trials of criminals were held in public on the plaza in front of it.   With the rise of the Aman'a Valeethi, Aman's teachings of peace and unity spreading, along with a completely new conception of who the gods were and what they stood for, the voices were being raised to end the sole reverence of Julanor in Saratheas. Along with many other means to restore the city's reputation and turn it into a place of rehabilitation and peace, the temple was altered in so far that the other gods received their altars within it, too. A new wing was added as well a few decades later, with an open ceiling and water basin, to be used for the Vath'eran rituals of young believers to take place in Saratheas. Previously believers had had to travel to Maan Ganyr for this purpose. The only thing that stayed entirely the same, partly out of habit, partly out of honoring the building's history, was its name.   The former temple received its greatest alterations after its darkest hour. After Saratheas' walls had fallen and Zerenda's forces stormed the city, the priests of the temple who had played a major part in the resistance were slain. Eye-witnesses of the Cleansing say that the city's channels had turned red from their blood. The temple of Julanor was gutted, all religious symbols and imagery removed, records of history stored there partly destroyed, partly locked away. The main prayer hall was enlarged, the ceiling lifted, and a pedestal for the new ruler's throne installed. The sprawling gardens at the back of the temple were partly covered in housing for the king's entourage, with stables and other outbuildings. The Vath'eran hall's ceiling was closed off, and over the course of the centuries the kings and queens of Saratheas remodeled it several times for various purposes. Over time it was a library, a museum, and an indoor garden.
Alternative Names
Julanor Ganyr (historically)
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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