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Mined from the depths of Ivendarea's dormant (and a few not-so-dormant) volcanoes, starglass has become an essential identifier of Ivendarean architecture and inventions. With its unique naturally given property to glow when getting into contact with water, the glass-like material is generally very easy to enchant and rich in magical essences that downright invite the curious mage to enchant and experiment with it.


Material Characteristics

Starglass is by nature an almost translucent, glass- or resin-like material, although it is very hard and doesn't crack or break easily. In fact, it is very difficult to extract from the ground without the help of magic, having broken many a luckless miner's tools.   Polished and cut into the shape of spheres or other shapes it is almost indistinguishable from glass, due to its difficult extraction process and rarity compared to glass it is not often found in large quantities in bigger architectural projects, while in smaller quantities it is present in almost every household for example in waterlamps or religious jewelry.   Hard to extract, difficult to shape and work with, but extremely versatile and dripping with invisible magical essences it is considered worth the effort to explore and find access to more deposits throughout Ivendarea.

Physical & Chemical Properties

As opposed to regular glass, starglass is strangely warm to the touch, even when removed from the often naturally warm surroundings of its volcanic areas of occurrence. The surface is smooth even when unpolished, but only polished it becomes fully transparent, otherwise displaying a slightly milky appearance.

Geology & Geography

Starglass is most commonly found on Maan Garth, which still has active volcanic regions today, but also along the coast of the Quiet Sea, in the Skyreach Mountains, and in a few caves along the Green River. Usually it is discovered after earthquakes or volcanic eruptions in the cracks left in the ground by the movements deep in the bowels of the earth, but on the shores of the Quiet Sea it is sometimes simply washed up at the shore in small quantities, often at first glance not discernible from sea glass.
Melting / Freezing Point
Melting point: not discovered yet, although it becomes a little more resin-like in texture and handling when heated up to 1000°C and more
Common State

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