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The waterlamp is a Nyr invention based on the Starglass material commonly found in Ivendarea's volcanic areas. It is so far-spread meanwhile that it can be found in almost every room of every household in a variety of available versions.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Functions through the utilization of the naturally given characteristics of Starglass that it begins to glow when wet
Item type
Common Household Item
usually around 500-1000 grams, but larger versions exist
bowl diameter: ~20-50 cm
Starglass orb diameter: ~3-10 cm
Base Price
basic models start at roughly 25 Neril, but depending on the complexity and individuality of the design and size of the lamp the price can skyrocket quickly
Raw materials & Components
The most basic functioning waterlamp consists of two (some would argue three) components: a very reflective metal bowl filled with water and a small orb carved from Starglass. Sometimes there is also a little metal rack serving as a resting place for the orb when the lamp is not in use, but it is not essential for the lamp to work.   To turn on the lamp the starglass orb is simply emerged in the water of the bowl, where it will immediately begin to emit a bright white glow. The reflective surface of the bowl enhances the light emitted, and depending on material and colour the intensity and mood of the light can also be influenced to be cooler or warmer. The orb can also of course be taken out of the bowl and placed on a table or its rack, where it will continue to emit light until it has dried off completely.   Many different versions of waterlamps exist, some particularly extravagant and enchanted, with the starglass orbs floating above the bowl, the user being enabled to dip it in the water like pressing a button to turn it on, or installations where the orb is fastened in a permanent position, water constantly flowing over it, or constructions with several orbs of different sizes and cuts that create beautiful patterns and reflections against the walls of the room they are situated in.

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