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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe the functions and uses of a commonplace item in your world.
A total of 233 entries

On Sitting: A Treatise on the Common Chair

Mahlrad der Tarsiwannen

Currencies: Gold, Silver, Copper

Lanterns, Bullseye and Hooded

The Uses of Salt in The Wraith Globe

Eldorian Festival Masks

Flicker Stick v7 lite handheld

Praise of the sturdy hoe

Ceremonial Wrapped Dagger (Fashion Trend in Heldrin)

The Fork; Eating Implement of the Noble

Les fers de l'intercité

Snowglobes -- fantasy camcorders

Arburgian Silver (updated)

The 'Splosion Sprout Juicer

Standard Issue Legionnaire Sword

Swiss Army Knife 7: Complete With Credit to Alphadore Kevin

Healing and Curative Potions

Portable Allocation Compression Knapsack