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Is there anything as versatile as rope? Really think about all of the uses you can get out of the same length of rope. You can use it while climbing to make it both easier and safer to get up a tree or a mountain - wherever you need to climb to. If you have got a stubborn animal that keeps wanting to run away you can tie it up with rope. If it is already running free, fashion a lasso out of the rope and catch it! Why stop at animals? You never know when you might need to take a hostage or subdue a bad person without resorting to killing them. Just use rope to tie them up and that is a problem taken care of.   Rope can also be used to tie things together, of course. Use rope to tie a boat to the dock, use ropes to secure the sails to a mast, and use rope with your anchor or that thing will just sink to the bottom of the sea floor without being tethered to the boat and it will be useless (don't talk to us about chains).   Do you have a problem with sacks of food falling over and spilling everything all over the floor? Just use rope to tie the opening closed and if your sacks fall, the content will stay inside of them. There is nothing that can't be solved with enough rope and determination. Of course not all uses are advisable but keep those things to yourself and your private residence and there will be no problems from us.   If this has not been enough to convince you of the incredible versatility and usefulness of rope, allow us to list more things that it can be used for:  
  • Rope bridges
  • Rope ladders
  • Jump ropes
  • Swings
  • Hanging things from the ceiling or other high places
  • Securing yourself to your friends so that you don't lose each other in thick fog
  We could go on but I feel like we would bore you and if you are not convinced by now, we honestly have no idea what to say. Please buy our high quality ropes!
Item type
Base Price
50 feet of hempen rope costs one gold piece.
Raw materials & Components
Rope can be made out of hemp and silk for the most durability.


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