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The Guardian

Data entry..   A Guardian is an advanced computer that can control multiple drones in a given area. We suspect alien and native tech have been fitted together in a way that can bring forth these terrible automatons. We can only hope production has been slowed due to the availablity of usable resources.   A top Sybertech agent was able to procure a drone from a Guardian last year. This was a significant advantage because it enabled us to overcome the Wizard Kromm - Wizard of time enough so that we could take the Guardian from Kromm's base of operations. See attached video footage of the event for training others.   Wizards like drone systems because it affords security without the mess of loyalty management. The disadvantage is we are figuring out how to reprogram them!    

Common Enemy Drone sightings

see attached files: For Training purposes. Do NOT engage if not familiar with drone tech! All drones are assumed to have a camera. This means your location has been detected.   Skyblade  
Drone WIP
by curux
Notable Specs
Flight (up to 60 feet per 10 sec)
Flight (up to 60 feet per 10 sec)

Allied Drones

(Common designs by Mechanics)   Spy Drone           Caravan drone
Copter Drone
by DNA-1


Note all friendly drones are programmed to not fire on humans. Unfortunately, we have been hacked on occasion where Hedge Wizards or other enemies have taken systems over and turned some drones against us. Always use caution when encountering a Drone.

Top Secret Training module: Securing a Drone of a Wizard


File For Mechanics Only

Enter Password to Unlock

For Gamemasters - Rules on Drones from Starfinder

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Cover image: by Concept-Art-House


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