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Spice pouch

The pouch can be used 10 times a day and then regains all expended uses at dawn the next day. The bag will produce enough seasoning to cover one medium serving of food each time you use it.
Spice pouches are magical bags that have been enchanted to hold immense amounts of spices and provide only small amounts at a time. These pouches can usually be found in kitchens, both professional and home, as they are extremely useful for getting exotic spices. Once all the spices have been used up for the day they magically refill at the dawn of the next day, provided the sun sets and rises. The pouches where originally designed and created by the renowned master chef Desmond Judace so he wouldn’t have to worry about shopping for spices for his home kitchen. The pouches were mass produced after Desmond showed the pouch to a friend who worked as a salesmen. Most local stores have at least one or two somewhere in the shop, and those who don’t usually hide them in the back where no one can easily steal it.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The glyphs stamped on the inside of the leather pouch create the spices when dawn arrives. When someone wants to use a pouch they simply speak the name of the spice out loud and pour it out of the bag (salt, pep rica, cinnamon etc.)

Manufacturing process

The pouch is turned inside out and the glyphs of each spice is stamped into the leather (using Hervusium . The bag is then infused with the create food and water spell, flipped inside out against the glyphs are facing the inside of the pouch, and then the spice pouch is complete.


Item type
3x3x3 in
Base Price
10 gp
Raw materials & Components
Leather pouch and leather working tools
Leather working tool

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