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This language was originally used by Hervus and their followers. Manny ancient scripts and texts form the Age Of Hervus are written in Hervisium. Elves used Hervisium as a base for their language since they found it the most natural and connected to nature. The first thing Hervus did once they crested life created a way for life to communicate. Some children are still born with the innate ability to read and speak Hervisium. These children are called Language Bearers and are highly praised. Most language bearers are sent to schools of magic or history once they become old enough to attend school. Words spoken in Hervisium are infused with power and can inadvertently cast spells and alter reality if infused with power. This language is still used by the gods to keep their message known only to those whom they want to know it.

Writing System

æ • ę ° ÿ ₽ ū § į ø ł ß ž ç

Geographical Distribution

Hervisium was mainly used in Escar during The Age of Hervus but it hasn’t been used commonly since The Severing. It mostly is used as code by scholars and as magic inscription on items. Vefcak is the only country that sometimes uses it.


Every word is pronounced with airiness and soft sounds. No harsh consonants. You should only use you soft palate when speaking Hervisium so as to attain a softer sound.


No capitals Punctuation is the same punctuation as Spanish (¡! ¿? . ,) Words can be as long as serves the purpose Space in between the words, not the letters


There is no limited vocabulary


Letter pronunciation æ : ith • : oo ę : soot ° : seeth ÿ : va ₽ : fu ū : hes § : fos į : leth ø : hoos ł : foth ß : ves ž : foo ç : fath
Common Phrases
—ÿ•::By the tong of the creator(omg)— ÿ• that thing is giant —ß::Fuck— ¡ß that hurts! —łū::Knowledge of Hervus— You’re so smart you must have łū —žįæ::Before my fire(over my dead body)—

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