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Hervus was the original god, they created the plains and created each animal and plant. They also created the language of Hervusium as a way of communicating with the animals they created. It is believed that Hervus had multiple personalities as they would act differently from one day to another. It is also believed the Hervus would lock themself away when any of the personalities that would destroy any of their creations surfaced. Hervus also created a spell, The Elder Spell in case one of their destructive personalities surfaced without warning. This spell was placed in hands of a mage by the name of Eladric whom Hervus trusted. Eladric, however, was corrupted by the knowledge of this spell and believe he could become more powerful than Hervus. So Eladric created a plan to destroy Hervus, he was going to cast the elder spell and then take Hervus's place as the most powerful person in the plains. The day came and Eladric called Hervus forth, he cast the spell and Hervus was destroyed, along with Eladric. That day is celebrated every year and is known as the The Day of Severing as from Hervus's ashes the Seven rose, Tyr, Wenrana, Gerstiva, Culfres, Derves, Jricew, Herad.

Divine Domains


Divine Symbols & Sigils

A glowing hand


The Day of Severing
Divine Classification
Year of Death
1 AS
Circumstances of Birth
alway there
Circumstances of Death
The Severing
bright green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark chocolate black

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