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God Culfres

The god of death, darkness, and the unknown. Created at the The Severing Culfres is one of the seven parts of Hervus. As soon as Culfres was freed from Hervus she found a person to reside in until she learned how to use her powers, this person was Lori Quista. Using Lori as a host Culfres was able to start her following and built the first temple to herself. After the ęçÿ was created and the The Battle of the Gods was waged Culfres was expelled from Lori’s body she chose the plain of Nocto as her domain.

Divine Domains

Death, Darkness, the Unknown

Holy Books & Codes

The 10 Laws

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A large cloak

Tenets of Faith

The 10 Laws 1: do not use medication or magic to slow or delay death, let it occur. 2: one sacrifice of cattle or poached animal must be made a year 3: each child that you have will take no god other than Culfres 4: you will not fear death 5: at least once a year you must spend a day in a completely dark room 6: no torture or any pain should come to those you sacrifice, pain is release not pain 7: live by the lite of the moon, not the sun 8: do not kill for the sake of killing, kill for the sake of saving 9: only blades of onyx and obsidian can be used in sacrifices 10: men and women with wholly black eyes are to be listened to and trusted


The Day of Severing

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Keep life short and the darkness close

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Pale and extremely thin

Apparel & Accessories

Massive cloak that clinks to the shadows

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After being cut off from the material plane with ęçÿ and only being able to communicate through dreams Culfres hasn’t show much of her power other than making sure the sun sets and people are afraid of the dark.

Gender Identity

Usually female

Accomplishments & Achievements

First of the seven to take form on the material plane

Personality Characteristics


Make sure that life stays short and that darkness hides what doesn’t want to be seen

Personality Quirks

Always whispers
Divine Classification
Neutral Evil
Year of Birth
1 AS 8646 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
The severing of Hervus
Current Residence
Coal black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Paper white
Known Languages

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