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The Spot of the Severing

In the northernmost part of Escar the mage Eladric sever Hervus into the seven gods known today. Using forbidden knowledge locked away by Hervus, Eladric severed Hervus into their separate parts of Tyr, Gerstiva, Wenrana, Culfres, Derves, Jricrew, and Herad. Each god was blown across the world and took time to recover and learn their powers, however the land that Hervus was severed on never healed and is still laces with powerful magic from the last words of Hervus and the Elder Spell. The land within 10 miles of the spot is now inhospitable to almost all plants and animals. There were very few civilizations that were not completely destroyed when the spell was cast and even fewer have been built within the 10 miles since then.


In the dead center of the Spot of Severing there is a crater that stretches 300ft from edge to edge. This is said to be the spot the Hervus stood when they were severed. The land is covered by large amounts of heavy black sand. Some of the sand is laces with the dying word of Hervus and can be used as magical components. Since this sand is only found within the ten miles of the Spot of Severing it immediately became one of the most expensive items for sale throughout the world. The land around the crater is otherwise completely flat, and since there is never any wind within the 10 miles around the Spot of Severing there are no sand dunes, only the traces of people who have traversed the land.

Fauna & Flora

The plants and animals that can survive The Spot of the Severing are creatures that can make their own food and water.

Natural Resources

Sand of the Severing: used as a substitute for any precious gems used as a component in spells. When using this sand you can half the price off the needed precious gems.
Alternative Name(s)
Ground Zero

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