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Courthinism is the religion following the god Culfres, one of the seven gods split form Hervus. Culfres is usually associated with more negative domaines, death, darkness, and the unknown, so it is relatively rare to find a temple or shrine to her. Shrines that you do find are usually decorated with skulls of animals (sometimes humanoids) and made out of obsidian and black onyx. Offering to Culfres are usually sacrifices and flesh offerings.


Seer: highest ranking (only 5 in the world), receives visions from Culfres Skiv: second highest ranking, caries out directions from Seers Priest: attend to more local matters Acolyte: lowest member, carries out menial tasks such as cleaning

Public Agenda

Allow death to take its due

Mythology & Lore

On the night of The Severing Culfres sent a woman by the name of Lori Quista a dream describing how to link Culfres to her. Lori did this and bound the spirit of Culfres inside her, allowing Lori to share a body with Culfres. Under the direction of Culfres Lori built the fist temple to Culfres (the Obsidial Tomb, where the body of Lori has been buried). Lori then gathered a following, fighting with the other gods for worshipers. Eventually Lori’s body wasn’t enough and Culfres emerged in her full form, killing Lori in the process. This show of power is what caused the Tyr, Wenrana, Derves, and Herad to creat the ęçÿ, which is Hervusium for gate. The ęçÿ made it impossible for gods to leave their home plane. This trapped Culfres in her home plane of Jurdis, only being able to communicate through dreams and communion.

Tenets of Faith

The 10 Laws 1: do not use medication or magic to slow or delay death, let it occur. 2: one sacrifice of cattle or poached animal must be made a year 3: each child that you have will take no god other than Culfres 4: you will not fear death 5: at least once a year you must spend a day in a completely dark room 6: no torture or any pain should come to those you sacrifice, pain is release not pain 7: live by the lite of the moon, not the sun 8: do not kill for the sake of killing, kill for the sake of saving 9: only blades of onyx and obsidian can be used in sacrifices 10: men and women with wholly black eyes are to be listened to and trusted


Those who are Seers have their sight taken away and their eyes are complete black.

Granted Divine Powers

An ability to go into a catatonic state without needing sustenance, so as to communicate with Culfres more directly.

From Hervus you where made, and to a part of him you will return

Founding Date
Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
The Order of Death

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