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"Always make sure you know what you're putting into your potions and how the ingredients interact on a chemical level. What starts off as a love potion my turn your sweet heart into a monster... or set her on fire."
— The Novice's Alchemy Cook Book
  Potions are an important type of item in the The Fantasme. They are consumable liquid drinks that can trigger some sort of spell or magical effect when drank.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Potions usually have to make some kind of contact with living tissue in order to activate, whether is consumed, splashed on the skin, or inhaled. Either way the potion will absorb into the body and effect it either physically, mentally or magically. Potions can have positive effects, like being used as medicine, or granting one useful strength and powers for a short time. However they can also have negative effects and be poisonous. Weaponized potions typically aren't sold in stores legally and are usually had made or found on the black market.   Regardless of the type, potions contain a lot of mana, which is also absorbed in the body when drank, meaning one can over-use potions and suffer from Mana Poisoning. Stronger potions have even more mana, so it's possible to make a potion that is so strong, drinking it makes you sick. This is the case with Power-bomb Potions, potions so strong they grant powers simply by their smell, but are lethal to drink.   Potions are also perishable and can go bad after a while, in which it's not recommended they be drank. Rotten potions tend to have severely weakened effects or sometimes even opposite effects. Not to mention, it's an easy way to get food poisoning.

Manufacturing process

Potions are usually created by Alchemists, who have trained how to use the right mix of ingredients and enchantments to make a potion with a desired effect. Potions making is a like a mix of cooking and chemistry. Potions work best in liquid form as magic flows better in water.   Typically most potions involve mixing a variety of herbs and magically charged ingredients, but these alone to not make a potions, and the alchemists own mana needs to be channeled into the potion as well. This is done using a special mixing tool that channels mana the same way a wand or staff would. Casting a spell through this tool a few times will allow the liquid to absorb it's effect. It's important the right ingredients are used, or the spell may not take correctly.   Typically when the potion is ready, the larger chunks of ingredients should be strained out until you have just the potion, itself. Typically, the liquid will be a rather nasty color, and will taste kind of gross, which is why most alchemists will take the next step to make the potion more palatable and pleasing to the eye.   Dyes, flavor additives, flowers and scented potpourri are often used to hide the natural look and taste of potions, and many alchemists with the intention of selling their potions like to get creative with presentation.


Potions are very common place in The Empire. They have been used for centuries as a powerful medicine and magic tool. Alchemy shops and apothecary are as common place are food stores, and the average civilian usually has a few on them or in their homes.

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